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Are you looking for peace and quiet in an open office environment?

At times, every office based employee needs a quiet, calm environment to be able to focus on their work. Unfortunately not all offices and workplace concepts offer this escape are suitable for this and the resulting distractions and noise harm prodcutivity and employee wellbeing. With the MindPod, BakkerElkhuizen has created a flexible solution that provides peace and quiet in the workplace.

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Unique in its simplicity
The MindPod is a unique solution for easily setting up a concentration workplace in any open plan environment. It's construction using safety glass, fire-proof acoustic panels and an open entry way creates a quiet, yet open space.

The power of the MindPod is its simplicity; the materials, the colours and the construction we use makes for an elegant design solution. But step inside the MindPod and the result is amazing. From a busy bustling office to experiencing the peace and quiet achieved when sound is absorbed.

Any set-up is possible
The MindPod allows for a variety of different set-ups, to create a single, double or quadruple MindPod set-up in your office environment.

Advantages MindPod

The MindPod comes completely fitted, including acoustic panels, LED lighting, power outlets, safety glass, acoustic ceiling and a ventilator.

The MindPod can be used in different set-ups, providing your office environment with a single, double or quadruple MindPod set-up.

Simple & mobile
No tools are needed for setting up the MindPod. The MindPod is quickly ready for use.

This concentration workplace has a modern and open design. The glass panels in combination with matted steel provide a sleek, open look.

The MindPod is fitted with safety glass and fire-proof acoustic panels.

Would you like to experience the peace and quiet a compact, mobile space can offer? Please contact us here.
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