Amazone Saddle

Sit upright in an active posture.

Amazone Saddle
The Amazone is an excellent saddle chair that not only corrects the position of the pelvis and spine with its narrow, anatomically shaped seat, but also strengthens the back muscles and prevents back problems. On the Amazone Saddle chair you sit higher, and the saddle-shaped seat gives you an open knee and hip angle. As a result your legs are more straightened. Therefore, you sit more actively and blood circulation is increased, making you more productive and creative.

Sit at the correct ergonomic height.

When you sit on a saddle chair, it is very important to adjust the chair to the ideal height for you. Only then can you take full advantage of the benefits of a saddle chair. Make sure that your upper legs naturally follow the shape of the seat, opening up the angle of your hips. You can achieve this by setting the ergonomically correct seat height for you (590 to 770 mm). As a guide, the hip angle should open between 130 and 140 degrees. Thanks to the design of the saddle seat, your weight is evenly distributed on the seat of the saddle chair and thus on the floor.    
Narrow seat.
The Amazone chair ensures an active narrow sitting posture, and the Jumper chair ensures a wider sitting posture. The shape of the Amazone’s seat facilitates the most open hip angle and your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor. The Amazone seat strikes the best possible balance between the control and healthy posture of ‘standing’, and the comfort of ‘sitting’.
Ergonomic sitting.
With the Amazone chair you can sit actively, but also relax while sitting. This way you avoid working in a static, tense posture for too long. It is important that you sit upright and in an active posture, which means you straighten your back and push your chest outwards. This leads to an optimised blood circulation and breathing pattern. Your body can work more efficiently as oxygen and nutrients are transported easier through the body and waste products such as carbon dioxide are easily eliminated.
Stable position.
The chair stem and the abducted legs, placed firmly on the floor, form a triangle. This triangle is a stable position in which you easily maintain balance. In addition, most of the body's weight is carried over to the legs which allows the rest of the body, e.g. the back, to not bear too much weight. This relief leads to more comfort.
Core training.
On a saddle chair you automatically compensate the natural curvature of your back, when you’re sitting straight and upright. You actively use your core muscles which leads to an unconscious training of your core, while sitting.

Fixed, tiltable or flexible seat.

The Amazone chair is available in three versions.
  • Fixed: The Amazone chair with fixed seat is not adjustable.
  • Tilt: With the tiltable Amazone seat, the angle of the seat can be adjusted forwards and backwards.
  • Flex: The flexible Amazone chair has an adjustable balance mechanism that ensures active sitting. This adjustable mechanism enables the saddle to move subtle along with you for extra comfort and a beneficial effect on the muscles and spine.

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