Basic 950

Hand adjustable footrest, that offers good support for your feet.

Basic 950
The Basic 950 footrest provides for every workstation the optimal foot and leg support. With this footrest you always have the right feet posture. You can easily adjust the height of the Basic 950 footrest with your hand and choose the ideal position for yourself. This footrest is made of high-quality robust material and promises stability. Improve your blood circulation, reduce lower back issues, and get a better posture with the Basic 950 footrest.

Healthy posture.

Get a comfortable sitting posture during computer work. With the Basic 950 footrest you have a stable support for your feet, and this keeps your legs from hanging and helps to reduce pressure on your legs. You automatically adapt a healthier and upright posture and reduce physical discomfort. From now on, it is guaranteed, that you will work more productively with the help of the Basic 950 footrest.

Ergonomic background

Every VDU workstation should be perfectly adjusted to the user to enable a healthy and ergonomic way of working. This means that the office chair should ideally be adjusted to the person sitting on it. In addition, the optimal desk height is a basic requirement for an ergonomic sitting position. In situations where this is not possible, footrests can help to create a balance between the floor and the height of the table. In this way a footrest contributes to a better ergonomic sitting posture.

Ergonomic requirements for footrests:
  • Sufficiently large
  • Non-slip and stable
  • Height and inclination easily adjustable
  • Height sufficiently compensating

Source: Ergo Online - Ergonomie und Gesundheit – Arbeitsplatzgestaltung – Mobiliar - Stehen und Sitzen - Ergonomisch und sicher (
Level out heights.
Your desk is not height adjustable and too high for you? You have adjusted your chair, but now your legs are uncomfortably hanging? The Basic 950 footrest can resolve issues of insufficient height adjustment of the desk or office chair. With this footrest your legs do not hang, and your blood circulation isn't cut off. The Basic 950 footrest provides a stable support for your feet, and this helps to adopt a good sitting posture during computer work.
Various workplaces.
The Basic 950 footrest provides good support for feet and legs in every workplace, especially in places where you can’t change the height of your desk or table. Under the desk in the office, to support highchairs, such as checkout chairs or laboratory chairs and for any other workplace to prevent feet from hanging. This footrest is also ideal for workplaces used by different people.
Robust design.
With a platform size of 420 mm x 320 mm the Basic 950 footrest offers enough space for any size of feet. The contoured foot platform guarantees minimize slip and stability. The anti-slip caps prevent the footrest itself from moving around.  The open frame allows the footrest to be placed close to the chair without it interfering with the base of the chair. This footrest is made from high quality materials such as steel and impact-resistant plastic (ABS). Also available in ESD. A long-lasting footrest for a good blood circulation and a healthy way of work.

Quick setup.

The Basic 950 footrest can be easily adjusted in a few seconds. The adjustable height range is between 30 mm and 195 mm. Simply set your optimal height and angle manually. With the user-friendly adjustment you can position the footrest in the right height and angle in no time.

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