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Prevent excessive dust at your workspace with this CPU holder.
Universal QC CPU Holder BNECPUQC CPU holder Universal QC BNECPUQC CPU holder Universal QC
Universal QC
Design CPU holder (W: 40-125 ; H: 225-435 mm).

High-quality CPU holders

Safe and practical workspace
A CPU holder (of PC holder) keeps your computer off the ground, protecting it from dust and dirt.

A CPU holder also protects the computer against bumping, and makes things easier when cleaning around it, for instance when vacuuming. Because the computer is attached under the desk, you will have extra desk space as well as a safe and tidy workspace.

What are the advantages of a CPU holder?
ErgoDirect advises all desktop users to mount a CPU holder. We have made a list of the benefits of a CPU holder:

CPU holders save space
A desktop computer (PC) tends to take up a lot of desk space. A CPU holder allows you to hang the PC under your desk, easily saving space under it.

The workspace is easy to clean
When a PC is standing on the ground, more dust can get into it, and will also stand in the way when the space under the desk has to be cleaned. If you use a CPU holder your workspace will be easier to clean and stay dust-free.

A stable workspace
A CPU holder ensures that your computer hangs solidly under your desk, so it will not easily move or even fall over.

A safe workspace
A CPU holder ensures that your computer is protected against a variety of incidents like a spilled drink or bumping into it with your shoes or a vacuum cleaner. CPU holders also make it more difficult for burglars to steal your computer.

We have variety of CPU holders, so there is always a suitable solution for every situation. Take a look at these products or contact our specialists to find out more about CPU holders.

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