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Vertical mice
Vertical mice
  • Prevents strain: wrists and arms
  • Very convenient to use
  • Short adaptation period
  • Comfortable, even after intensive use
Precision mice
Precision mice
  • Prevents strain: wrists and arms
  • For frequent precision work
  • An average adaptation period
Special mice
Special mice
  • Prevents strain: hands, arms, shoulders and neck
  • Relaxed position
  • Customised for perfect fit

Prevent RSI complaints with an ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mice are essential in creating a healthy and comfortable workplace. BakkerElkhuizen has a broad range of ergonomic mice to suit individual requirements.

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Prevent physical complaints

A mouse placed closer to the body reduces stress on the neck, shoulders and arms. Maintaining unnatural positions when using a mouse for long periods often leads to discomfort and can cause injury requiring corrective surgery.

Suitable ergonomic mouse

Compared with standard flat mice, an ergonomic mouse reduces muscle tension and is substantially more comfortable to use. Which kind of ergonomic mouse is most suitable depends on the kind of work activities, any existing physical complaints, and personal preferences.

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