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BNEFRB950 ergonomic footrest Basic 950 BNEFRB950 ergonomic footrest Basic 950 BNEFRB950 ergonomic footrest Basic 950
Basic 950
basic foot rest to support your feet
$ 69.99
BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952 BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952 BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952
Basic 952
Foot-operated ergonomic footrest (6-27 cm).
$ 109.99

Ergonomic footrests and footstools

Ergonomic footrests for desks give you a comfortable sitting position and help prevent back and shoulder problems. The footrests from BakkerElkhuizen are made of high-grade materials and are extremely durable.

Why buy a footrest?

When you sit normally and your feet are not resting on the ground, a footrest can help you adopt a healthy work posture. BakkerElkhuizen has a variety of footrests that can help you.

When do I need a footrest?

If your desk top is not adjustable or cannot be adjusted to your desired height, a footrest may help. Especially in flexwork spaces it is very important for the footrest to be quickly and easily adjustable. A footrest should be at least 45 cm wide and 35 cm deep and have an adjustable range of at least 11 cm, and the inclination angle of the support surface should be adjustable at least from 5 to 15 degrees (DIN4556).

Function of a footrest
Adjustment range, inclination angle and a non-slip support surface are important aspects. A footrest is sometimes used as a stepper when working at a higher desk, for example at a reception area.

How do you use a footrest?
When you’re working at your desk and want to make proper use of a footrest, you should place it under your desk, straight in front of you. You have an ergonomic work posture when you make a 90-degree angle with your legs. This means that your lower legs are vertically aligned and your upper legs horizontally.

Advice and information
Do you want tips about what makes a good workspace? Take your time to read our whitepaper: Setting up a workspace.

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