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Adjustable range

BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952 BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952 BNEFRB952 ergonomic footrest Basic 952
Basic 952
Foot-operated ergonomic footrest (6-27 cm).
$ 179.99

Ergonomic footrests and footstools

Ergonomic footrests promote a comfortable seating posture and help prevent back, shoulder and leg complaints. BakkerElkhuizen footrests are made of high-quality materials and are built to last.

A healthy working position

If the feet cannot rest on the ground when the users remaining ergonomic posture is correct, in a normal seated position, a footrest should be used to provide a healthy working position.

The function of a footrest

The adjustable range, the slope and a non-slippery support surface are important aspects to look for when choosing a footrest. A footrest is commonly used after all other ergonomic adjustments are made following which the individual is unable to sit with their feet flat on the floor. This is commonly the case when the desk is a fixed height and too high for the user.

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