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The Honeycomb | flexible table

What does your agile discussion room look like?

  • Multifunctional fits various purposes.
  • Easy adjustable height with central button (range 60.5-126.5 cm).
  • Diameter 90 cm.
  • Mobile battery-operated, so it can be moved around.
  • Form Honeycomb, so the table can be used modularly.
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" Alternating between sitting and standing during a meeting or consultation. "
Multi-functional The table is suitable for a variety of uses. Its 35.5 inch diameter allows for easy set-up for any format you choose; touch-down working, meeting, seminar, lunch or a drinks reception. No problem at all, this table is suitable for all.
Easy The table height can easily be adjusted using the button in the center of the table top to create heights from 24 to 50 inches.
Mobile The Honeycomb can be placed anywhere thanks to its rechargeable battery, which has a led indicator to display the status. When the battery is running low, an acoustic alarm sounds and it can be plugged in.
Shape The Honeycomb is named after its shape, which in itself makes it a remarkable table, but it also makes it suitable for modular use in multiple settings. 
Battery 1 fully charged battery allows you to adjust the height around 85 times before it needs recharging. 
Setups Combining several tables allows you to create a variety of setups and shapes.
Flexible, multi-functional & cordless
Flexible, multi-functional & cordless
Switching between sitting and standing while working creates more variation in working posture throughout the day. This leads to less discomfort within the back, neck and shoulders compared to sedentary work at a regular desk (Choi, 2010; Rabbit et al, 2008;. Hedge and Ray, 2004; Karlqvist, 1998). Read whitepaper Read whitepaper
Flexible, multi-functional & cordless
Flexible, multi-functional & cordless
Dutch Design Made in Holland
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