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11 Tips for working with hybrid teams

How do you safeguard the culture, organisation and people when people are working on different things in different places and in different compositions? It mainly comes down to communication and taking into account everyone's wishes and desires, and the manager will focus on communication between team members. With these 11 tips, you lay the foundation for this as a hybrid professional.
  • Set clear expectations for each other: the hybrid manager should make it clear from the outset what results he expects from each team member, and when.
  • People agree on where and when they work: A hybrid organisation does not have fixed working hours like in the traditional office. What matters is that each team member and the manager know when each individual is at work and available for consultation.
  • Beware of 'us' and 'them' thinking: when people work together without meeting physically every day, misunderstandings can arise. Ensure that remote workers are frequently in touch with on-location workers.
  • Hybrid managers know the organisation like no other: A manager in a hybrid organisation must be aware of every development.
  • Keep looking for new opportunities: The manager in a hybrid organisation uses his extensive knowledge of the environment to look for new opportunities. This often starts with breaking the status quo.
  • Share your documents anytime, anywhere: With a document management system, colleagues can easily collaborate on documents and share information with each other.
  • Communicating in the right ways: Remote employees miss out on the non-verbal signals. Seeing or listening to each other physically from time to time promotes togetherness in every team.
  • Fair assessment and reward: Hybrid work is more about the results than the efforts.
  • Be selective when recruiting: Members of a hybrid team must be able to motivate themselves more than traditional employees. Adaptability must also be above average, and a varied team composition is key.
  • Ensure physical encounters: Physical meetings are indispensable for team spirit, motivation and unity in any team.
  • Keep each other informed: Those who work remotely are usually less well informed about the latest plans and developments. The corridors, where these subtle details are exchanged, are missing.

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