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Downward health trend

The world is gradually shifting towards hybrid working and this requires solutions that keep remote employees physically and mentally healthy.
Health is directly linked to employee creativity and productivity, and there is currently a downward health trend based on the practices we all adopt as a result of working from home. 

In addition, since the pandemic, an increase in sedentary behaviour, stress and loss of concentration can be observed.
Studies show that:
  • 12% indicated that they often or always had difficulty concentrating (TNO). For CNV, this was even 32.26%.
  • There is a significant increase in the number of hours worked at a computer. Where in 2019, 69.3% were still working more than 6 hours a day at a computer screen, by mid-2020 this had risen to 87.3%. The risk of (too) much sitting and insufficient movement also becomes immediately apparent. Not only during working hours, but also during free time.
    • Sitting during work                -               6.55 hours 2019 > 7.10 hours 2020
    • Sitting during free time         -              3.33 hours 2019 > 4.20 hours 2020
This means that there has been an increase in sitting from 9.88 hours a day to 11.30 hours. These figures do not lie. Sooner or later, employees will be at risk of falling out of the running due to health issues. Health issues that can be prevented!
“ Health, creativity and productivity are linked ”
Absenteeism leads to economic damage for employers
Personnel costs are lost without any return on investment. Health problems that are a direct consequence of work lead to individual and social damage. Through preventive policies and good absence management, employers can reduce absenteeism and thus increase their strength.

How can we reduce absenteeism?
There is less overview and control over today's working environments than we had in the past, so it is more difficult to ensure that employees are working ergonomically. The same applies to setting a minimum standard for an entire organisation, both nationally and internationally.
At home, on the road and also in the office, we work at workstations that are not designed to meet individual needs. This means that when they arrive at the workstation, they have to adjust it to their own needs. Do we know how to do this? Can we teach people how to set up their workstations so that they feel comfortable in the future? We think so! It starts with knowledge, which we are more than happy to share with you.

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