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Review of an ergonomic mobile workstation

BakkerElkhuizen’s products promise to support a more comfortable working day for those of us who work at computers for a living. Their product lines include sit-stand desks that encourage movement, tablet holders and monitor stands that enable a comfortable posture, and, really, your entire array of tradition workspace tech and accessories.

When given the opportunity to test and review a bundle of their products — a keyboard, mouse, and laptop stand together — I hopped on it. As a freelance writer, my computer is my lifeblood. And as someone who is highly attuned to how my body and mind feel by the end of the day, I am always seeking ways to produce greater work, more comfortably.

The products I have reviewed are: Together, they serve to function as a mobile workstation — lightweight, compact, and supportive of proper ergonomic alignment in the body.

Laptop Stand: Ergo-Q 260 Laptop Stand

The centerpiece to this mobile workstation, so to speak, is the Ergo-Q 260 laptop stand. 

It ships nearly flat, compacted into its ‘stowed away’ position. I was actually confounded by how it might function as an adequate stand for my 15" laptop. But I was surprised by the stability that the engineering of the product achieves. It essentially opens up like a picture book and is fixed into place securely via a notching mechanism on the back that adjusts between 5 heights. There are numerous videos online that demonstrate this ‘assembly’ if you happen to be confused as I was when first opening the box.

Once the stand is in place, your laptop rests securely on a tilted ledge, with the screen wide open — free to tip slightly backward to achieve that angle recommended by ergonomists. The ledge is surfaced with foam padding on the four ‘touch points’ between laptop and stand to both protect your device from scratches and add more stability. There are also rubber gripper feet that sit at the corners that both prevent slippage and protect your desk surface.

Once in place, the front-most metal ‘flap’ - which also confounded me at first — is flipped backward and set into place revealing another ledge that serves as a document holder. On this holder, papers can sit at a natural eye-level height directly beneath the computer for easy reference with a quick shift of the eyes — rather than an uncomfortable contortion of the body. It makes transposition of notes much easier and is an excellent feature for anyone who starts on paper and finishes digitally as I tend to.

The stand is an ultralightweight kind of aluminum (hylite) that looks shiny, sleek, and simple. But even with its light weight, the stand is perfectly stable. Again, I work off a 15" laptop and the set up feels secure so long as my laptop is centered.

Keyboard: S-board 840 Compact Keyboard

The S-board 840 Compact Keyboard connects via USB cord and charges directly through the computer’s charge — so no battery or external charger is needed. The rich selection of command keys built in allows more efficient and comfortable navigation as the user is freed of being so dependant on the mouse.

The keys have the traditional ‘clicky’ tactile feel to them — a quality I personally prefer over the ‘sticky’ feel, especially if I’m getting the first, messy draft out as quickly as I can. I find the clickiness to be more satisfying for typing large volumes.

The charging systems of both keyboard and mouse are ideal for remote working. As long as your computer is charging and everything is plugged in overnight, you’ll be set to work wherever desired in the morning.

Mouse: DXT Mouse 2
The pièce de résistance is the DXT Mouse 2 — a precision USB-connect mouse that charges just the same through the computer via USB cord. 

I had never used a vertical or precision mouse before and was curious to try it out in reading recently how the natural resting position for your wrist and forearm is actually a ‘thumbs up’ position. And that the traditional flat mouse creates a twist in this region that can lead to carpal tunnel (i.e. that tingling indicative of a pinched nerve).

The idea behind a ergonomic mouse then is that it allows the wrist to relax in this comfortable position and relies on movement of the larger muscles for navigation — i.e. a pivot from the elbow rather than a straining bend of the wrist.

I’ll issue one disclaimer here: mastering the L/R and double-click and getting used to how freely the arm moves about to navigate was very awkward at first for me. After about 2 week’s time though, I’m comfortably navigating by resting my thumb in the right place. Which is to say that transitioning will take some practice.

Some key features:
  • L/R functionality — good for creatives who work more naturally with their left hand
  • 4 DPI modes for greater accuracy and desired responsiveness
  • Left click sits on top of right click, with the scroll set between for middle finger
  • Groove/ridge at the base of the mouse — for the thumb to sit and drive easy control over mouse’s movement

My one complaint with the product is that there is no compartment within the mouse to store the USB dongle to when not in use — which would be valuable for travel.

As a Unit...
As a unit — these products are a great, simple, compact setup for anybody who works either remotely or from home or office. Or any mix of both. The laptop stand lays flat (7 mm thick) when ‘disassembled’ and both the keyboard and mouse take up very little space and weigh very little when stowed away. Everything takes half a minute to set up.

As for the keyboard and mouse specifically, I’m a big fan of the tactile keys and L/R functionality — being a left-hander myself and someone who enjoys the feel of ‘click’ when typing.

Each product is visually sleek and attractive with a classic silver/grey color schema. As all of my tech and journals are black and my home desk is glass-topped, I appreciate how the pieces do well in complementing a minimal look.

I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking for a comfortable, lightweight, mobile workstation. The adjustability of the stand, convenience of the document holder, efficient navigation afforded through keyboard command keys, and more natural posture allowed by the mouse all contribute to a more comfortable working day, regardless of where you might happen to be working from.

Rebecca Woodul - Freelance copywriter
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