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BNESP flexible monitor arm Space-arm Single BNESP flexible monitor arm Space-arm Single BNESP flexible monitor arm Space-arm Single
Space-arm Single
The Space-Arm is a high-quality monitor arm that gives you better productivity and the right work posture.
$ 279.99
Smart Office 12 Dual Monitor Arm Easy to install BNESO12 Monitor arms Smart Office 12
Smart Office 12
Smart Office 12 dual screen monitor arm.
$ 349.99
BNESPD monitorarm Space-arm Dual BNESPD monitorarm Space-arm Dual BNESPD monitorarm Space-arm Dual
Space-arm Dual
A high-quality monitor arm for multiple monitors.
$ 472.99
Smart Office 11 Single Monitor Arm Easy to install Easy to install
Smart Office 11
Smart Office Arm that's suitable for virtually any monitor. This arm works with one monitor.
$ 199.99

Improve your working posture with a monitor arm

An ergonomic workspace enhances the comfort and productivity of computer users. You can easily create the ideal workspace with just a few adjustments. Monitor arms help create a cleaner workspace and improve your work posture. Monitor arms are also simple to adjust in terms of height and distance.

What is the right viewing height and distance?
The distance to the screen should be at least 60 cm (arm length), but preferably more than that. The height of the screen should be set up in such a way that the viewing angle is 10-20° below eye level. The viewing distance is determined by character height, with a minimum of 200 and preferably 150 times the character height (a character height of 4 mm thus corresponds with a viewing distance of 60 cm).

A relatively large viewing distance causes less eye strain, because the eyes do not need to accommodate as much – but the characters on the screen must change size proportionately. The characters on the screen can sometimes be enlarged; for example, Word has a zoom-in and zoom-out function that enlarges or reduces the image of the active document. Larger characters are read more easily than smaller ones.

The entire screen must be around 10-20° eye level. With this monitor position the eyes can accommodate better and converge, and they are much less strained. And not to be forgotten: productivity rises at the same time by 10% (Sommerich et al., 1998).

So many types of monitor stands
There are monitor arms that hold one screen, but other models can hold two or more screens. Our assortment includes a variety of monitor stands. We have the Space-Arm series (single, beam dual and dual) in our assortment. This arm can be easily adjusted to the right height, which makes it an excellent fit for flexwork spaces. The arm is also equipped with a gas spring technology that allows quick and easy stepless adjustment. The Space-arm reaches 33-62 cm in height (top of 19-inch screen) and 25-58 cm in depth. The Space-Arm has modular expansion from single to double or triple screens.

Do you want to know more before buying?
Do you want to know more about buying the right monitor arm? You can contact us, read our whitepaper about working with multiple screens, and look at our video about the proper viewing height and distance.

Do you want tips about what makes a good workspace? Take your time going over our 16 tips for a good workspace. You can in fact do more than just buy a good monitor arm.

Buying a monitor arm?
Do you want to know more about the different types of monitor arms and their pros and cons? Do you want to buy a monitor arm? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

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Are you a reseller and do you want to carry our products in your assortment? Contact us!

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