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WORK & MOVE PitStops

How to remain focused and productive throughout the day?

  • Tips proactive personal tips for smarter and healthier working.
  • Insight gain insight into your progress on health, skills, movement and concentration on tasks.
  • Workspace passport record your personal workstation settings in your passport.
  • Reward WORK & MOVE rewards healthy behaviours. You will receive trophies, cups and compliments for healthy behaviour.
  • Variation by varying your posture, moving more and working smarter your concentration and productivity increases.
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" Do your brain and body a favour: take regular pitstops! "
Insight into behaviours WORK & MOVE provides employees with insight into their work behaviour. Insight from a health perspective in the form of (mouse usage, computer duration) and computer skills (typing skills, use of keyboard shortcuts).
Insight into behaviours
Sustainable employability
Sustainable employability WORK & MOVE creates fit and energetic employees both during work and when they go home. Thanks to a good balance between rest and effort employees are healthier and prodcutive longer.
Train your brain WORK & MOVE displays various tips and recommendations during recovery moments. This visual content is educational, refreshing and facilitates mental revitalisation.
Train your brain
Rituals Lunchtime walks, taking the stairs, drinking water, eating fruit, and physio exercises; just some examples of workday rituals. WORK & MOVE allows you to record these rituals and set reminders for specific days and times.
Own direction With WORK & MOVE you are in control of the level of support the software provides. Your personal ‘profile settings’ let you choose how the software engages with you.
Own direction
Workspace passport
Workspace passport Record your personal workstation settings and preferences in the WORK & MOVE workspace passport and thake them with you wherever you work. Your optimized workstation settings are always close at hand.
PitStop software ensures an increase of 25% to 57% more re-energizing breaks from sedentary work (Slijper, 2007). Research shows that software reminders resulted in a doubling of standing time in originally low-frequency users; from 36.6 minutes per day to 78.9 minutes per day.

Various studies show that the implementation of short pitstops and the encouragement of more standing or walking time can have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular and other chronic disease risk factors.
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Software for more mental <br/>and physical movement
Software for more mental <br/>and physical movement
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