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Alt+number code to get öüä etc. doesn’t work.
Type Fn+Alt+code (for example 127) the character will now appear on your screen, if not type ENTER.
The code (for example 127) must be entered in the integrated numeric part of the keyboard, so for typing ‘1’ you must enter: Fn + ‘J’, etc.
(Num loc k need to be activated). Or use an loose Numeric part and type the digits.

A list of all Alt-codes can be found at:
Can Bluetooth be switched off completely?
Once the keyboard is connected using a USB cable, Bluetooth is automatically switched off.
Can the battery power status be read in the Apple™ System Preferences like the Apple™ wireless keyboard?
No, there is no reading for the current battery power status. Once the battery power is low, the LED will flash green very slowly or the Ultraboard Keyboard will display erratic behavior such as continually losing its connection, or having difficulty with pairing, etc.
Does the keyboard require special drivers?
The keyboard is plug & play and uses the standard keyboard and HID drivers stored on the operating system.
How can I fix the reversed symbol position for example, @ and < in France or ^ and < in German and etc.?
Hold the Fn key and @ key or ^ key at the same time. The position of the 2 symbols will be reversed.
How do you get the € sign?
US layout Ctrl. + Alt. + 5 (or E)
UK layout Ctrl. + Alt. + 4 (or E)
DE layout Ctrl. + Alt. + E
F/BE/SWDE Ctrl. + Alt. + E
How do you use the media keys?
Press the FN at the same time as pressing the F7, F8, F9, F10, F11 or F12 key: F7 Rewind F8 Play/Pause F9 Fast forward F10 Mute F11 Volume down F12 Volume up
How long does it take for the batteries to charge?
It takes 3 to 4 hours to charge the batteries fully from empty. Once the battery LED is lit continuously, then the keyboard is fully charged
How much devices can be connected to the keyboard?
Yes, the Ultraboard Keyboard can be connected to 5 Bluetooth enabled hosts for example, with PC, Macintosh™ computer, iPod, iPhone, etc. Please refer to the pairing procedure. When switching to another Macintosh™, hold the Fn key and press pre-registered host number (1 ~ 5 keys).
Switch between Bluetooth device that are all ready paired.
Press the Fn key and choose the number of the previously chosen host number (1 ~ 5 keys).
Switch between Mac and Windows layout
For Windows hold the Fn key and press W. For the Mac OS mode hold the Fn key and press A (this can only be done in Bluetooth mode!).
The function of F1 ~F12 keys under Windows™ or Mac has different and sometimes strange functions.
Thanks to cross OS platform support, function keys of Ultraboard Keyboard in Mac OS can be switched to Windows™ by holding the Fn key down and pressing “W” Key. In Mac, by holding the Fn key and pressing the “A” key.
The keyboard does not respond when connected to the PC.
 There are several possible causes. Try the following options:

Try connecting the keyboard to a different USB port. Preferably one that is connected directly to the PC. Then restart your computer.
The keyboard shows erratic behaviour such as loss of connection ect.
This can be a result of low battery power. You should charge the batteries.
What is the standard host channel?
When the UltraBoard is switched on/off, or the batteries are removed and there are more than two devices connected to the keyboard. Then the first channel will automatically be selected once the keyboard is reactivated. For this reason, we recommend connecting the most used device to the first channel.
When pairing with a Mac OS device, a window prompt called "Keyboard identification" what should I do?
This message can be ignored. Just press the red button in de upper left corner. Your device will recognize the UltraBoard now automatically.
With which OS is the keyboard compatible?
Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. As for other OS such as Apple Mac and Linux system, should work with those computers as long as the system supports USB keyboard.
However; function keys (Office short cut keys, multimedia keys, Windows keys etc) might not work properly on those non-Windows OS PCs.
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