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Learn how to touch type using 10 fingers


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Ticken is an online typing course with ECDL certification and exam. 

With the Typereflex® method you learn  blind typing with 10 fingers in 50% of the regular time. Ticken is very intuitive and you determine your learning tempo.

"This typing course is accessible via the internet, so you easily practice anywhere, even at home. The course is also interactive and you will be getting personal advice for tests that require extra attention.

Ticken gives you a better work posture for years to come, making it into a relatively low investment with high returns. After purchasing the online typing course you have 12 months to complete it."

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BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken
BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken
BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken
Interactive: Direct feedback on typing errors for continuous improvement. E-learning: Online access enables practice anywhere, anytime. Feedback: Personalized advice for keys that need extra attention.
Logo Ticken
After a relatively short learning period, a distinctly higher typing speed is realized using the same or less effort than the users previous typing method. Research confirms that touch typing increases typing speed by an average of 55 keystrokes a minute. The number of typing errors also decreases by 5% leading to an average efficiency yield of 20 minutes a day.

Touch typists adopt a much healthier posture as their focus is on the screen rather than looking down at the keyboard. With the head in a more neutral position their is less strain put on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Another fantastic reason to teach your employees how to touch type.
BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken BNEWMTICKEN Software Ticken
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