The optimal protection for the computer and more space.

The CPU Holder (Fix or Slide Rotate) hangs your desktop computer under your desk and you win more space on your desk surface or on the floor under your desk. You not only increase your space, you can also protect the desktop computer from dust and floor vibrations, and makes it therefore much more durable. The CPU Holder Fix is easy to adjust with its straps and the installation does not require much effort. With the CPU Holder Fix you can increase the product life time of your desktop computer, save valuable work space and increases the space for your legs.

Extend the product life.

A desktop computer is often placed on the floor under the desk and this can cause a lot of dust to accumulate in the desktop computer. With the CPU Holder Fix you can increase the lifetime of your computer by reducing the intake of dust and dirt from the floors. Also floor vibrations are minimised and there is no need to move the computer when the floor needs to be cleaned.
Maximise your workspace.
With the CPU Holder Fix you can easily mount your desktop computer under your desk. This creates more space on your desk and it keeps your work surface clutter free. If your desktop computer was placed before on the floor, you win more space under your desk and you can use the additional floor space for other equipment, or for storage or just for your legs.
Easy to adjust.
You can easily adjust the width and depth of the straps of the CPU Holder fix. Suitable are different desktop and tower PCs for a maximum load capacity of 40 kg and setting range of 1500 mm. Please check the dimensions carefully to ensure compatibility.
Easy installation.
All necessary mounting hardware is provided with the CPU Holder Fix. Attaching the computer to the holder is quick and easy. The sturdy design ensures sufficient support for securing your computer to the underside of your desk.
Two versions
There are two versions. The Fix version is fixed to the desk and cannot be pulled forward. The other version, the Slide Rotate, slides the computer in and out of the desk smoothly (400 mm rail).

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