Adjustable footrest with foot-operating button.

The Footform footrest has been designed to help you adopt a good posture when sitting. This footrest is easily height adjustable with a unique foot-operating button. The Footform footrest is available in two variants: the Footform Dual footrest with a larger adjustment range of 40 mm to 300 mm and the Footform Standard low footrest with a smaller adjustment range of 40 mm to 170 mm. A stable footrest, equipped with an anti-slip profile, a sturdy steel frame and usable in combination with any chair or workstation. Choose your ideal height and bring your feet, ankles, knees, and thighs into a comfortable position. Start working with a better blood circulation in your legs and this helps you to keep you alert and focused.

Improves working posture.

The Footform footrest is a great contribution to your workplace and helps to improve your sitting posture. Especially when you are sitting at your desk for a prolonged time, the Footform footrest brings your feet, ankles, knees, and thighs in an ergonomic position and your blood circulation will be improved. As soon as your feet are firmly placed on the solid footrest a good ergonomic posture is ensured, you will feel more comfortable, and your well-being is improved.

Unique, foot-operating button.

The height of this footrest can be adjusted quickly with the red button. The foot-operating button is equipped with an integral gas cylinder, this mechanism guarantees an easy height adjustment. Easily change the height of the footrest throughout the day to suit your posture and position. To adjust you simply press the red button with your foot meaning you do not have to bend down awkwardly under your desk.

Ergonomic background

Every VDU workstation should be perfectly adjusted to the user to enable a healthy and ergonomic way of working. This means that the office chair should ideally be adjusted to the person sitting on it. In addition, the optimal desk height is a basic requirement for an ergonomic sitting position. In situations where this is not possible, footrests can help to create a balance between the floor and the height of the table. In this way a footrest contributes to a better ergonomic sitting posture.

Ergonomic requirements for footrests:
  • Sufficiently large
  • Non-slip and stable
  • Height and inclination easily adjustable
  • Height sufficiently compensating

Source: Ergo Online - Ergonomie und Gesundheit – Arbeitsplatzgestaltung – Mobiliar - Stehen und Sitzen - Ergonomisch und sicher (
Anti-slip profile
This footrest is equipped with slip-resistant material, so your feet do not slide off it. The dimension of the plateau of the Footform footrest is 450 mmx 335 mm and offers enough space for every size of feet. The surface has rounded edges and prevent therefore injuries and damages.
Two variants with different height adjustment ranges.
The Footform Standard low footrest is height adjustable from 40 mm up to 170 mm and the Footform Dual footrest is height adjustable from 40 mm up to 300 mm, allowing you to raise the level of the surface to suit you. The different ranges of height adjustment make both footrest suitable for a wide variety of workstations.
Stable and safe.
The Footform footrest is designed around a sturdy steel frame and can be used in combination with any chair or workstation. Both variants of the Footform are suitable for a wide range of workplaces as well as higher ones. The solid steel construction and the aluminum frame make this footrest stable and safe, and it can be used on any floor surface.

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