Futu 1200-S Black Frame

The Futu 1200 has a solid backrest and is available with soft or hard wheels.

Futu 1200-S Black Frame
The Futu chair combines compact looks with high-precision engineering. It features the latest HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, which keeps you in continuous balanced movement. It has comfortable armrests and you can adjust the chair perfectly to your individual needs. It’s ideal if you lack space, yet require an effective task chair. All technical parts are integrated into its shape, making it more streamlined. This helps it to blend in, in every surroundings.

Keeps you balanced.

Thanks to the HÅG in Balance® movement mechanism, you will be in continuous balanced movement while sitting. Being in balance allows you to tilt backwards and forwards with ease, enabling you to naturally shift position as part of your everyday workflow. Encourage better blood circulation due to increased leg movement, and help yourself to feel more energised during long working hours. The Futu chair stimulates intuitive and natural movement of the body and variation of sitting postures, leading to improved health and productivity.

HÅG in Balance®:
Balanced, flowing tilt function backwards and forwards.
Transparent or solid backrest.
There are two variants of the HÅG Futu chair available, the Futu chair 1100 with a breathable mesh backrest and the Futu chair 1200 with a solid backrest. The breathable mesh backrest is made of mesh and is keeping your back cool via constant ventilation and the solid backrest is made of a solid fabric and is adding extra support and warmth.
Blends in anywhere.
Today’s working world is more agile than ever. Office landscapes are continuously evolving. Adaptability is therefore key for staying competitive. The Futu chair is a high-performance task chair that helps you to stay alert and focused. Because of its streamlined dimensions, it also seamlessly blends into any working environment. Its soft-furnished look hides the fact that it´s packed full with precision engineering.
This user-friendly chair can be adjusted to the personal needs of every user. The build in gas lift has a standard height of 165 mm and guarantees a smoothly height adjustment of the seat. The seat height (400-550 mm) and depth (370-450 mm) is easily adjustable. The armrest can also be adjusted for both height and width. The foot support provides comfortable ways to rest, move and vary the position of your feet. Thanks to the HÅG in Balance® mechanism, the chair has a tilt resistance and also the tilt can be locked.
Environmental pioneer
  • We have a well-documented track record for reduced energy consumption and minimalised waste, and strive to make products from recycled materials, which in turn can be recycled.
  • The HÅG Futu has a US GREENGUARD certification, confirming it doesn’t affect indoor air conditions by emitting harmful gases.
  • It also has an Environmental Product Declaration (ISO 14025), verifying our CO2 emissions are very low.
  • It’s won a Red Dot Design Award for best product design, plus a Green Good Design Award for sustainability, among other prestigious awards
Soft or hard wheels.
A very important factor to consider when purchasing an office chair that often gets overlooked is whether your chair will be used on a carpeted floor or on a hard surface floor such as wood, laminate, tile or Soft and Hard Caster vinyl. Hard desk chair wheels are made for carpeted floors, however, not all offices are carpeted. If your floor is a hard surface such as hardwood, laminate or tile, you will need soft wheels on your chair.
The fabric, metal and foot base colour of the HÅG Futu is black. Only the part of the gas lift below the seat is silver. The Futu 1100 with the breathable mesh backrest is designed in the unique fabric FutuKnit mesh. The Futu 1200 with the solid backrest is designed in the unique fabric FutuKnit solid. Both fabrics are made from the finest quality polyester knit, , the 3D knitted fabrics have been technically developed to retain their tautness and therefore providing ultimate support and comfort. By using the technical 3D knitting technique each fabric is knit in one piece that results in no waste.

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