Goldtouch Travel Go2 Wireless

This Bluetooth split keyboard is foldable and has a compact size, folded as well as unfolded. You can take the Goldtouch Travel Go2 everywhere to work ergonomically.

Goldtouch Travel Go2 Wireless

The Goldtouch Travel Go2 is an ergonomic split keyboard, which can be slightly adjusted in its inclination angle up to 30 degrees and guarantees a stable set-up.

Ergonomic background

Research shows that 90% of keyboard users seldom, if ever, use the numeric pad so this element is removed on a compact keyboard. This allows the mouse to be placed closer to the keyboard. Using a compact keyboard results in increased comfort because it reduces the reaching distance to the mouse (Cook, C., et al., 1998) and puts less strain on the shoulder and forearm. Significant improvements in musculoskeletal upper limb disorders were achieved using adjustable keyboards. (Hedge, et al, 2002).
Individual adjustable angle.
The Goldtouch Travel Go2 is seamlessly adjustable at any angle from 0-30 degrees along the horizontal and vertical plane. Easily transform it from a compact keyboard to a compact split keyboard. The major benefit of a split keyboard is that the inclination angle improves the posture. The result is, no inward rotation of the hand and lateral bending of the wrist. This leads to more relaxed muscles in your hand, wrist and forearm while typing. In every angle the Goldtouch Travel Go2 has a compact size, which means that you will reach out to your mouse less and that also guarantees a comfortable and healthy way of working.
An easy, stable set up.
Release the locking mechanism by pulling the handle away from the keyboard. Seamlessly adjust the keyboard at any angle from 0-30 degrees. Once you have found your desired adjustment position, ensure that your keyboard is sitting firmly and evenly on the working surface and that all four feet are making contact. Finally, close the handle to lock the keyboard segments in place.
Keys for silent and comfortable typing.
The keys of the Goldtouch Travel Go2 have a standard size and a key centre distance of 19 mm according to the DIN EN ISO norm. This makes sure that you can type precisely and with less typing errors. The keys re developed to type silently and comfortably.
​​​​​​​Nice features.
The Goldtouch Travel Go2 has practical integrated Multimedia keys which can be used for both Windows and Mac OS. On the bottom side of the keyboard is a switch to change between Mac OS and PC mode. In the PC mode the user has five more hotkey buttons. Open a new E-mail, jump to the calculator, go to the home screen, open your favorite folder, or go to this pc. Further the Goldtouch Travel Go2 has LEDs which display if the NumLock, CapsLock, or ScrollLock is on.
Wireless Bluetooth.
You can easily pair the Goldtouch Travel Go2 with your computer by pressing the Bluetooth button on the underside of your keyboard. There are no additional drivers required, so you can immediately start working.
Black design.
The Goldtouch Travel Go2 has an overall black color and has light-coloured lettering. Since split keyboards are suitable for users who touch type in the ten-finger system, it does not matter what colour the keys are. The advantage of the black colour is not just the elegant look, it is also easy to clean and made of long-lasting material.

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