Goldtouch Wrist Rest

A pair of wrist rests filled with stress-dispersing gel for an excellent support.

Goldtouch Wrist Rest
With a pair of Goldtouch Wrist Rests you can upgrade the comfort of your workspace. Keyboards are essential in today’s workplaces and there’s no better way to keep your wrists, joints and overall health intact than the Goldtouch Wrist Rests.  They will keep you typing the day away in comfort. The Goldtouch Wrist Rests are made from smooth Lycra and durable gel and guarantee a nice feel on your skin.

More Comfort.

When your wrists are continuously resting against the hard surface of your desk, this causes pressure and can cut off blood flow to your wrists and cause skin tissue damage. The Goldtouch Wrist Rests will gently support your wrists and forearms and avoid these uncomfortable conditions.
  • The Goldtouch Wrist Rests not only provide a safe cushion for typists, the wrists rest are also a comfortable resting spot when you’re not typing.
  • There’s no better way to upgrade the comfort of your workspace than with the Goldtouch Wrist Rests.

Ergonomic background

When working with a keyboard and mouse it is important that the arm is sufficiently supported. A wrist support helps to keep the wrist straight during typing and can be used "to rest" for a moment during one's work. Holding your wrist at the right height when typing is important. It must be kept as straight as possible with the keyboard. This keeps the wrist posture neutral and avoids muscle strain.
Healthy posture.
With the Goldtouch Wrist Rests you automatically align your wrists and your posture more healthy and ergonomically. When you are placing your wrists on the rests you move into an ideal symmetrical position. Instead of lowering and bending your wrists backwards, your arms and wrists are in a more natural position and parallel to the floor.
You can position this pair of Goldtouch Wrist Rests flexibly on your desk. You can move them around and use them with your mouse and keyboard. With this flexible positioning you can prevent physical discomforts and optimize working with your keyboard and mouse.

Pleasant Lycra and gel.
The Goldtouch Wrist Rests are made from Lycra material. Especially this smooth Lycra material will prevent irritation caused by friction. Each of the wrist rests are made of dual textured stress-dispersing gel and provides excellent support. Gel absorbs the stress of contact, protecting your wrists, hands and arms.
The Goldtouch Wrist Rests ensure a low profile design, which will blend in nicely with all of your devices. The soft gel is durable and the smooth, black, Lycra cover is stain-resistant.

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