HandshoeMouse Wireless

An ergonomic mouse which fits like a glove.

HandshoeMouse Wireless
Thanks to the patented shape, it is not necessary to grab the mouse and lift the finger, when you are operating it. Simply glide over the surface with the mouse. A lightly slant palm and finger supporting computer mouse requires least muscle activity in the hand and results in reduced neural excitation. Reduce the muscle activity in your hand and fingers and start working in the most natural, ergonomic, and comfortable way.
The patented design of the HandShoeMouse is based on several years of development work and the support of the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The design, based on anatomical and field research, resulted in a supporting body which prevents excessive muscle tension in hand, fingers and thumb. The HandShoeMouse provides the user with a tool to operate a computer without provoking stresses and strains. The highly supportive shape prevents overload in joints, tendons, nerves, and muscles. Instead of grabbing the mouse in a tense posture, the full-surface support of hand, fingers and thumb ensures, that the pressure is distributed over a large area of the whole hand in a natural and pleasant 25 degrees angle.
  • With the HandShoeMouse, the movement comes from the forearm and wrist. Therefore, the risk of the Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Strain Injury Syndrome can be reduced.

Ergonomic background

A study has found out, that highly intense use of the finger, while handling a regular computer mouse, as in e-learning, may lead to hand- or finger aches and pains eventually resulting in chronic complaints. A statically and dynamically stabilised finger and hand palm arch is needed to prevent complaints (K.J. van Zwieten et al.: Functions of some finger joints while handling the PC mouse, and their possible relevance for computer aided learning, 2010.).

Biomechanical research has shown that a palm supporting surface provides a better solution to prevent neck, shoulder, arm, and hand complaints. Therefore, it is recommended to use a computer mouse, which minimises or even eliminates the grip forces to hold the mouse (K.J. van Zwieten et al.: Health – the base of human potential: problems and ways to solve them, 2011.K.J. van Zwieten et al.: Health – the base of human potential: problems and ways to solve them, 2011.).

Relieves your hand, fingers, and thumb.

The special ergonomic shape of the HandShoeMouse, including the thumb platform, allows your hand to relax and prevents excessive thumb action. The buttons on the HandShoeMouse are positioned in line with the fingers. Contrary to conventional computer mice there is no need to continuously lift the finger, just a very light touch is required to activate the buttons. Minimal switch forces and no reaction forces in fingers are needed, and the unique thumb support prevents from gripping.
  • The large platform shape allows the entire hand to rest on the mouse, encouraging a relaxation of the hand, and minimising contact irritation of the skin from the surface.
Stimulates blood circulation.
The slightly inclined position of the hand with 25 degrees and the full-surface support of the mouse minimises the physical strain. Kinking or squeezing of blood vessels is prevented. The movement from the forearm and wrist promotes blood circulation.
Genial features.
The HandShoeMouse is available in wireless or wired for right and left-handed and in all sizes. Start directly working with your HandShoeMouse thanks to Plug & Play. The wireless version has a rechargeable battery. You can also continue working while charging the battery. With the integrated BlueRay sensor and DPI of 1500 you can optimally track your mouse pointer.
The HandShoeMouse comes in the timeless colour black, and the material is long-lasting. The special ergonomic shape of the HandShoeMouse raised from long research. The shape not only prevents muscle activity it also lowers it.
Fits like a glove.
For the perfect ergonomic use of the HandShoeMouse, the mouse should fit like a glove. To that end, it comes in three different sizes and both right and left-handed versions. It is very important to refer to the sizing chart and use the right size for your hand, as the ergonomics of the clicking action are substantially impacted by the fit with your hand. 

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