Jumper Saddle

Sit actively and relaxed in an ergonomically favourable posture

Jumper Saddle
The Jumper chair is an ergonomic saddle chair that allows you to sit with an active and healthy posture. The design of the saddle tilts your pelvis forwards, promoting the natural ‘s-curve’ of your spine which allows you to sit for long periods of time in comfort, protected against strain. The Jumper has a wider seat, resulting in a slightly smaller hip angle, which gives the Jumper a more traditional sitting experience.

Correct ergonomic height.

You will only experience the full benefits of the saddle chair if your position is high enough to sufficiently open up your hip angle, thereby placing you in a natural and relaxed posture. The perfect sitting height (590mm to 770 mm) is where your upper legs naturally follow the shape of the seat. This enables the maximum hip angle to be achieved (130 to 140 degrees) while keeping your weight evenly divided across the seat of the saddle and the floor.
Sitting healthy.
The Jumper has a wider seat, resulting in a slightly smaller hip angle than the Amazone saddle chair. A larger part of your body weight rests on the seat. This gives the Jumper seat a more traditional sitting experience.
A wider seat.
Avoid working in a static tensed posture for too long. With the Jumper chair you can move and relax as much as possible during your work. Sit upright in an active posture: push your chest out, which optimises blood circulation and breathing. Your body is able to work efficiently, delivering oxygen and nutrients around your body as well as getting rid of waste products like carbon dioxide. As soon as you start to sit in a healthy posture, you will automatically feel better and work more comfortable.

Fixed-, tilt- or flexible seat.

There are three variants of the Jumper chair available, with a fixed seat, a tiltable seat or a flexible seat with a balance mechanism built in.
  • Fixed: As the name already says, the fix Jumper has a fixed seat.
  • Tilt: The tiltable Jumper seat can be adjusted in its angle as desired.
  • Balance: The balance Jumper chair has an adjustable Balance mechanism, which ensures active sitting. The mechanism guarantees that the saddle moves towards the centre of gravity of the upper body when the user adjusts his position. This makes sure, that the pelvic vertebrae remains in balance and pressure points, e.g. on the inner thighs and pubis are relieved.
Strong position.
The user is placed into a tripod-like position, with a triangle forming between the abducted legs and the chair stem. This is a very strong position to work from with both of your feet placed firmly on the floor giving you greater balance. Your legs are also bearing most of your body weight which helps to minimise pressure on the rest of your body.

Strengthen your core muscles. On a saddle chair the core muscles are used most, due to the fact that your back has a natural curvature. To sit upright the core muscles need to become active and balance out the natural curvature of the back. This leads to an unconscious training of your core muscles, when you are sitting on a saddle chair.

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