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WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH increases your movement by 200%

Download PDF Fantastic news from a research study carried out by a prominent US university with a major company within the oil industry.

The study has shown that using our software, WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH, increases the use of motorized sit stand desks by over 200% compared with using this furniture without the software's support. This means the return on investment for sit-stand desks is realized much faster when organizations utilize our software to remind employees to alternate sitting and standing work positions. With WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH guiding employees, organizations can also be assured that their sit stand desks are used correctly, with no one standing or sitting for too long. Furthermore; when employees used our software without sit-stand furniture, we still increased healthy movement by 40% proving that our software has a positive effect in all kind of workplace setups and is a valuable addition to any office ergonomics program.

As a result we're delighted to report that the positive effects of WORK & MOVE SitStandCOACH has on the health, concentration, creativity and energy of your employees has been independently validated. This study also confirms that SitStandCOACH reminders shortens the ROI for sit-stand desks through increased usage.

Do you want to know how you become an Office Atlete? Please contact us.

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