PenClic Mouse

An ergonomic mouse like a pen.

PenClic Mouse

A precision mouse suitable for right and left-handers!

The vertical grip guarantees an ergonomically way of working and the use with the fingertips makes the work with the mouse very precise. This mouse is suitable for both right and left-handers, it needs less space on your desk than a traditional mouse, has five buttons, and a scroll-wheel, and an adjustable pointer speed button. The Penclic Mouse looks like pen, feels like a pen, and is used like pen. With this special ergonomic mouse model, you will work more comfortable, more precise, and more productive on your computer.

Easy and precise with pen grip.

The Penclic Mouse is grabbed like a pen. Writing gestures are used to move the mouse pointer. For this movements you only use your fingers, which makes the mouse work more precise and accurate. Thanks to the familiar writing movements and hand position, you are quickly getting used to the Penclic Mouse. You can move the mouse cursor all over the computer screen quickly and effectively. With the adjustable pointer speed button on the underside of the mouse you can switch between different DPI settings of 800-1200-1600-2400.

  • A higher speed (higher DPI) is recommended for general mouse use.
  • A lower speed (lower DPI) is recommended for slower and more precise work, such as drawing or photo editing.

Ergonomic background

The use of a precision mouse can result in less muscle strain in the forearms because this involves less wrist extension (Kotani & Horii, 2003; Ulmann, et al., 2003). And therefore, vertical mice compared to standard mice lead to a healthier and more comfortable way of working:

Hand in natural position.

Compared to traditional computer mice which bend the wrist up and twist the forearm inward, the Penclic Mouse keeps the arm in a natural position  facing into the body without unnecessary twists and strain. The mouse is equipped with a ball joint. With the help of the ball joint, you can easily set up your individual angle of the Penclic Mouse for an optimal writing posture.
  • The healthy posture lowers muscle tension in the forearm and wrist.
  • The pen grip enables a relaxed and natural position, and this guarantees more comfort during your working hours.
Features of the pen.
The Penclic Mouse is wired with a cable size of 1400 mm. Connect your Penclic Mouse to one of the computer’s USB ports. No driver is required thanks to the Plug-and-Play technology, and you can start working immediately.
Unique design.
The Penclic Mouse is suitable for right and left-handers. The special grip of the mouse like a pen makes this mouse suitable for any hand size. The Penclic Mouse has a unique shape, is ergonomic, and has all needed computer mouse functions. It takes less space than a traditional mouse, keeping your desk neater and more spacious. This mouse is not only a functional and ergonomic computer device, but also a nice, designed accessory for every desk.  
A pen with buttons.
The Penclic Mouse has five buttons and a scroll-wheel for efficient work. The grooved buttons are perfectly for the fingertips and thumb to rest. This is for a good grip of the pen in your hand. The left click button is directly reachable with your index finger. Above the left click button is the right click button. The easy-to-reach thumb buttons are smartly placed and are both within easy reach.

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