Q-doc 400

Light-weight, foldable document holder for on the go.

Q-doc 400
The Q-doc 400 document holder is highly portable, folding flat to just 27 mm and weighing only 480g. This document holder can be quickly unfolded and set up in one of the six heights. The lightweight design is facilitated by using Hylite aluminium so you can be sure stability is not compromised. Place your documents or mobile devices right in front of you on the storage surface of the Q-doc 400 document holder. For more visual comfort, better posture and the best comfort.

Ergonomic working posture.

The Q-doc 400 document holder allows you to read comfortably in a good posture. Thanks to the slightly inclined storage surface, your documents, books, notes, or mobile devices will no longer lie to your right or your left, but straight in front of you in one line with your keyboard and screen. Twisting, downward-looking and reaching are all minimised, so physical discomfort is prevented. With the Q-doc 400 document holder your documents are lying closer to your screen and therefore in your view. Your eyes have to accommodate less, because the focus point for the documents and screen are closer. This not only avoids eye strain, but also ensures a healthier way of working and increases your performance at work. 
  • Place documents, books, folders, notes or even a mobile phone on it, and increase with the perfect viewing angle your comfort and efficiency.
  • Make the most of the space between the screen and the keyboard, and work with a healthy posture in one line.

Ergonomic background

Placing documents on the left, right or even directly in front of the keyboard, leads automatically to twisting and bending the neck, and to focus the eyes more often. This puts extra strain on your neck muscles and eyes. This can easily be avoided by placing a document holder between the screen and the keyboard. In this way, you automatically work in one line, because your documents are lying in the perfect viewing angle right in front of you on the inclined surface of the document holder. Your neck and eyes are relieved, and you immediately ensure a much more comfortable and ergonomic screen workplace (source: Van den Heuvel et al. 2007, p. 380.)

Height adjustable in six steps.

Height adjustable in six steps. With the Q-doc 400 document holder you can achieve your optimal viewing height. You can adjust the height in six steps between 120 mm and 240 mm. Choose the ideal viewing angle, improve your body posture to an upright position, and start working more comfortable.
Quick setup.
The Q-doc 400 document holder can be easily unfolded and set up in a few seconds. Simply insert the round connectors into one of the six slots. The stable stand and the anti-slip feet promise a firm working setup for your documents on any surface. 
Use the space.
Your documents are lying all over your desk, there is no order, and it is not as to find a certain note? With the Q-doc 400 document holder you not only improve you posture while reading your documents, but you also organise your desk better. Position your documents neatly on the document holder in front of you. The sliding edge prevents the documents from slipping down.
Compact design.
The Q-doc 400 document holder has a compact storage surface of 370 mm x 280 mm. The folded height is just 27 mm. This document holder is space-saving and therefore appropriate for your home-office workplace, but also suitable at your fixed workplace or the shared-desk at the office. You can place documents, note pads, or heavy files up to a maximum weight of 5 kg, or mobile devices on the surface.
Made of high quality, strong material.
Hylite aluminium. The special feature of Hylite aluminium is that this high-quality material has a particularly low weight. Hylite aluminium is very easy to clean and durable. In addition, the material is highly resistant to scratches and dents. The silver design of the Q-doc 400 document holder has a minimalistic design but remains stylish. This document holder helps you to keep your desk organised and efficient. Paperwork is kept neat and in reach for optimal productivity.

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