Q-riser 100

Smart addition to your ergonomic screen set-up.

Q-riser 100
The Q-Riser 100 ergonomic monitor stand optimises your workspace to work more comfortably at your monitor. With the Q-Riser 100 monitor stand you add 105 mm height to your flatscreen, and you can automatically adapt an upright and healthier posture, which prevents strain on your neck and eye discomfort. This monitor stand is made of high-quality (sustainable) acrylic material and is therefore very stable. You can free-up the area on your desk underneath the Q-Riser 100 and use the neat storage space above the front feet. Improve your productivity with the optimal screen height for you and with a properly managed and clear workspace.

Ergonomic height.

The Q-Riser 100 monitor stand allows you to adjust your body to an healthy and ergonomic position. With this monitor stand you adjust your screen height to 105 mm, which brings your screen to a comfortable viewing height. At the same time, it is also important to adjust the distance to the screen. Easily move your monitor stand in the depth of your desk, till the top of your monitor is just below your eye level.
  • This small adjustments to your workspace will improve your overall wellbeing and increase your performance at work.

Ergonomic background

  1. Distance between your eyes and the screen should be 50-80 cm (approximately an arm length), depending on monitor size and resolution. Adjust the distance of your screen (source: VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S. 93.).
  2. The angle of your line of vision to the middle of the screen should be approximately -35°, so also adjust the height of your screen (source: VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S.46.)

Stable and safe set-up.

Place your screen stand on the 300 mm x 300 mm large surface of the Q-Riser 100 monitor stand. In total your monitor can have a weight up to 10 kg. The high-quality clear acrylic material is very robust and at the same time stable.
  • With the Q-Riser 100 monitor stand your screen stays firmly in place and you will have a solid working set-up on your desk.
Smart. More space.
Smart. More space. The Q-Riser 100 monitor stand improves your overall organisation on your desk. By placing your monitor on the monitor stand, you automatically create storage space under your monitor stand. Easily store items like documents and notepads underneath the monitor stand.
Nice design on desk.
The Q-Riser 100 monitor stand is made of high-quality acrylic material and Dutch design. This monitor stand is developed and produced in the Netherlands. The simple, transparent design is not distracting, it matches any décor in your home office or office. The integrated cable management ensures that the cables are organized and that your desk looks tidy up.
Sustainable acrylic.
The acrylic for this monitor stand is produced from 100 % recycled materials. Instead of synthetic monomer, 100 % recycled methyl methacrylate monomer is used. This sustainable acrylic can in turn be 100 % recycled and increases therefore the life-cycle of cast acrylic. With this product you not only reduce the use of raw materials, the carbon foot-print from sheet production is also reduced. This product makes a positive contribution to the environment.

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