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CtrlWORK helps employees use computers in a smarter, healthier, and more efficient way. CtrlWORK ensures users stay sharp by taking physical and mental breaks they need while working.
CTGR Software CtrlWORK
CTGR Software CtrlWORK
CTGR Software CtrlWORK
Motivating: Breaks are based on recognized time-management principles. Efficiency: Taking regular breaks leads to 2.4% fewer typing errors and an 11.3% increase in keystrokes. Feedback: Personalized feedback and reports on user behavior.
Logo CtrlWORK
Around the world organizations are advised to break up long periods of computer work with short breaks to help users avoid discomfort and injury in localized areas of the body. OSHA give the following example to explain this point.

"Using a mouse for a few minutes should not be a problem for most users, but performing this task for several uninterrupted hours can expose the small muscles and tendons of the hand to hundreds or even thousands of activations. There may not be adequate time between activations for rest and recuperation, which can lead to localized fatigue, wear and tear, and injury".
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