Space-arm Beam Dual

The Space-arm Beam Dual provides the easiest adjustment of two screens for an ergonomic viewing behaviour.

Space-arm Beam Dual

The high-quality Space-Arm Beam Dual has a support beam on the back where the monitors are attached, so the monitors are always at an equal height.

Just like the Space-Arm Single and Dual, this monitor arm can be quickly and easily adjusted to the correct height, making this arm extremely suitable for flexible workplaces.

Ergonomic background

Placing the screen too low can lead to tension in the upper neck. Placing it too high (the top should not be above eye level) can also lead to problems.

Possibly even more important is the adjustability of the depth, ensuring an optimal viewing distance. This allows you to better take in information and puts the least amount of strain on the eyes. This optimal screen position works better, more comfortably and increases productivity with 10% when compared to an incorrect positioning (Sommerich et al,1998).

Healthy posture and -viewing behaviour.

An ergonomic correct screen position is key to ensure a neutral positioning of your neck and torso, as well as extra visual comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the screen(s) in height, depth, and viewing angle. With the Space monitor arms you can easily adjust your screen(s) to an optimal monitor position, this leads to more comfort and increases your productivity by 10%. The perfect viewing distance is also influenced by the readability and the light conditions, the space monitor arm thus can be regulated in positioning. If you would like to show your colleague something on your screen, the screen can be easily rotated and tilted for a better view while collaborating. The Space monitor arms provide for everyone the best support for an ergonomic viewing behaviour.
  • Smart. Thanks to the beam, the monitors are always at the same height.
  • Quickly and easily adjusted by any user. Ideal for flex workspaces.
  • VESA 75/100, clamp range up to 100 mm, grommet up to 60 mm.

Easy setup for everyone.

The Space monitor arms promise an easy adjustment of your screen(s) to your optimal ergonomic position. Just pan, tilt, rotate and lift your screen to the optimal viewing height, depth, and angle.
The Space monitor arm can pan 360°.
The Space monitor arms can be tilted up to 40° up and 40° down. This can help e.g., when you would like to avoid reflections.
The Space monitor arm can hold the screen in both landscape and portrait, this ensures optimal flexibility.
The Space monitor arms can be adjusted up 620 mm and down 330 mm.
Gas spring technology.
The integrated gas spring technology in the Space monitor arms makes it as easy as possible to adjust the monitor arms. The user can pan, tilt, rotate, and lift the Space monitor arms to create the optimal screen position. In addition, the Space monitor arm remains completely stable at any angle without any extra work. This easy adjustment is optimal for shared desk workspaces, where different users can adjust the monitor to their correct ergonomic working position.
Create more space.
With the Space monitor arms you automatically gain more workspace on your desk. By lifting your screen(s) up of the desk you immediately have less items on your desk surface. This leads to a lighter and neater workspace appearance. At the same time, the integrated cable management prevents cables from being scattered and tangled. A tidy desk makes it easier to focus on the work tasks, and this leads to more efficiency and productivity at work.
Mounting options.
The Space monitor arms are easy to set up on your workplace. For example, The desk clamp can be used for tables up to 100 mm thickness and the grommet (eyelet) up to 60 mm. The Space monitor arms can be quickly installed on your desk, please always refer to our manual. You can then simply attach your screen to the Space monitor arm, thanks to the quick exchange VESA option. The Space arms offer stability and keeping your screen fixed firmly and safely in place.

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