UltraBoard 960 Standard Compact

Incredible! A compact, standard keyboard with integrated numerical keypad.

UltraBoard 960 Standard Compact

For everyone!

The UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard is an ergonomic compact keyboard for all users, who prefer to work with a numerical keypad. A first-class keyboard that meets all ergonomic requirements and legislations, such as layout, key shape and colour. At the same time, it offers great technical features, likes two USB ports, multimedia keys, hot keys and much more. A great keyboard that is 80mm narrower than a “normal” keyboard for comfortable and ergonomic way of working.

Space-saving even with numerical keypad.

The UltraBoard 960 is a compact standard keyboard, it combines a compact design with an integrated numerical keypad, making it more space-saving than ever. The numerical keypad is located on the right side of the keyboard and provides calculator-style efficiency for entering numbers. The UltraBoard 960 is 80 mm narrower than conventional keyboards and this has the advantage that you can work with your mouse hand close to the keyboard. ‘Goodbye’ to pain in shoulders, neck and back without reaching out wide to the mouse. ‘Hello’ to an ergonomic- and healthy way of working.

Ergonomic background

The distance between the keys ranges from 18 to 20 mm (ISO 9241). The alphabetical section must be clearly separated from the function keys (ISO 9241). The middle row of keys cannot be elevated more than 30 mm above the surface of the desk (DIN 2137). The keyboard must be tiltable and separate from the screen (Council Directive 90/270/EEC).

Dark letters on a clear background are easier to read (ISO 9241) and contribute to an increased productivity (Snyder, 1990). The satin matt surface in a light design with dark lettering ensures the best possible avoidance of reflections and improved legibility. The light colour avoids high contrasts in the field of view and prevents premature eye fatigue.

Improved readability.

The trendy bright design with the white keys promises a problem-free change of view from the bright monitor down to the low-reflection keys with dark lettering. Recognise the dark letters with a font size of 4 mm directly and start typing even faster.

You don't type blindly using the ten-finger system? Then adjust your UltraBoard 960 to an easy-to-read angle using the folding feet. If you can type blind, just keep the feet folded. Either way, the contrast of the dark lettering on the light key background will help you read the letters faster and work more productively.
It's all about the keys.
To enable you to type efficiently, the key centre distance is 19mm and thus complies with the DIN EN ISO norm. In addition, the keys of the UltraBoard 960 have a concave shape and corresponds to the shape of your fingers. The space bar, on the other hand, is convex for secure orientation. These key surfaces guarantee, that you will locate the keys precisely and therefor the chance on typing errors will decline.
Optimal layout setting
You are dealing with a lot of numbers in your job, for example as an accountant, controller, or bank employee, and don't want to work without the numerical keypad? No problem, the UltraBoard 960 has a fully featured numerical keypad, which is clearly separated from the letter area. Thanks to the perfectly thought-out layout setting, the keyboard remains compact in size. This gives you more space on your desk.
Pleasant typing.
The UltraBoard 960 has a scissor mechanism. The great thing is that you will clearly feel the pressure point of the keys, but at the same time you don't have to apply much key pressure force, so you put minimal strain on your fingers. It's the perfect balance between strength of actuation, speed, and the avoidance of uncomfortable strain in your fingers and hands, right down to your arms. The scissor mechanism of the keys promises a comfortable and quiet typing feel, and no annoying typing noise for your colleagues.
Diverse in use.
The UltraBoard 960 is ideal for fixed workstations, but also for mobile- and flex-work. Due to its compact size and light weight, it fits perfectly in a laptop bag. It has a cable length of 155cm and, thanks to Plug & Play, can be put into operation immediately with the USB connection. The UltraBoard 960 is compatible with the most popular operation systems like: Windows, Linux and macOS.
USB ports
The UltraBoard 960 has two practical USB ports that can help you to connect extra devices (if your laptop doesn’t have that much USB ports). This extra functionality of the keyboard will help you to connect your wired mouse or headphone for example.
Status LEDs
With the help of the LED display, you can see directly whether the keyboard is connected and whether the NumLock or CapsLock is switched on.
Integrated multimedia keys
The UltraBoard 960 has 5 hotkeys and several integrated multimedia keys that can help you easily control music and video replay. The five hotkeys support faster working and reduce the use of the mouse.

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