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Ergo-Q Hybrid stand Stand for tablet and notebook Lay-out: 4 tablet height settings
Ergo-Q Hybrid
This 2-in-1 tablet stand is suitable for both tablets and laptops.
$ 129.99
BakkerElkhuizen BNEQ260 Portable notebook stand Ergo-Q 260 BakkerElkhuizen BNEQ260 Portable notebook stand Ergo-Q 260 BakkerElkhuizen BNEQ260 Portable notebook stand Ergo-Q 260
Ergo-Q 260
A complete laptop stand that includes an integrated document holder. This lightweight stand is made out of aluminium.
$ 129.99

Ergonomic tablet holders for each workplace

Ergonomic tablet stands for every workspace
People are using their tablets more intensively, at home and at work. But tablets are ergonomically less suitable for lengthy work sessions or a lot of typing. By placing your tablet on the table or on your lap you automatically bend forward, straining your back, neck and shoulders.

A variety of tablet stands
The tablet market is very diverse. With our assortment we try to offer good tablet stands to the largest possible range of tablet users. This is why we have a large assortment of tablet stands for nearly every format. In addition to tablet stands for specific models there are also universal stands, which increases the chances that you will find a stand that fits your device.

A mobile workspace with a tablet stand
A good tablet stand places the tablet higher and at an angle, so that both neck posture and viewing angle improve. Use a separate keyboard and mouse (if possible) if you are planning to do a lot of typing on the tablet.

Innovative TabletRiser

With the TabletRiser from BakkerElkhuizen you can work with your tablet anytime and everywhere. The TabletRiser makes it possible to separately adjust your tablet to every conceivable position, and gives you space to take your favourite compact keyboard along. The keyboard can be placed anywhere, so you can work longer and more productively with the tablet.

Do you need help choosing a tablet stand?
We can imagine that it can be difficult to choose the right tablet stand. If you have questions, you can contact us at any time. We will look together with you for what you want, in order to find the most suitable stand/stands so that your needs are perfectly met.

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