Aeris Muvman

Sit, Stand, Move. Do all at once.

Aeris Muvman
The Aeris Muvman standing chair combines moving sitting and standing and thus promotes intuitive posture changes. The seat relieves the legs and ensures a back-friendly and upright working posture. It is height-adjustable, has a stable foot and is portable with its integrated handle. The Muvman chair helps against tiredness while standing or rigid sitting. This chair can be used in different workplaces and ensures a good sitting posture for everyone, everywhere.

Good health relies on good posture.

The flexible central column of the ergonomic standing chair enables constant micro movements that keep the intervertebral discs supple. The chair's pivotal joint is located close to the floor to ensure that you remain in an upright position – whichever way you move.

For everyone.

No other standing chair allows such a wide variety of height adjustment. It doesn't matter what your body size is or the height of the work surface you are working at, with the Muvman it is always possible to sit or lean on the chair. Positions can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. The easy-touch buttons are integrated into the seat of the Muvman to allow quick and seamless height adjustment. This version of the Aeris Muvman is suitable for most of our customers with a seat height of 510 mm to 840 mm.
Maximum freedom of movement.
The Muvman’s movement joint close to the ground allows movement in all directions and supports an optimal sitting or standing posture in relation to the work surface.
Promotes blood circulation.
The seat of the standing aid is convex and has a flexible front edge to promote an upright sitting posture. This Flexone Technology avoids pressure points and ensures free blood circulation.
Stable and portable.
Thanks to its non-slip rubber bottom this standing chair has a stable foot that supports every sitting and standing position and guarantees a secure hold. Due to its light weight and an integrated handle, the Muvman is highly portable.
The seat cover of this chair is a classic wool material that is characterised by its monochrome elegance. The fabric is extremely hard-wearing and ideal for heavy use. The seat and also the column are in black. The firm foot is equipped with anti-slip rubber. This gives a secure hold even in turbulent times and protects the floor from scratches.
Fits in everywhere.
The Muvman chair can be used in a single office or open workspace. The standing seat can be used at height-adjustable desks, in meeting rooms or open workspaces. Wherever there is a frequent change between sitting and standing, for example as a standing chair at the counter, in the home office and in the kitchen. The Aeris Muvman standing chair is an all-rounder.

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