Sit-stand desks

Switch flexibly between sitting and standing with our height-adjustable desks. We offer different formats for the office as well as for the home office. Work more concentrated and healthier thanks to more movement at work.

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Why buy a sit-stand desk?
Alternating between sitting and standing during work provides more variation in working postures during the day. This leads to less discomfort in the back, neck and shoulders compared to performing sedentary work exclusively at a regular table (Choi, 2010; Rabbit et al., 2008; Hedge and Ray, 2004; Karlqvist, 1998).

The effect
The effect of alternating between standing and sitting means that concentration can remain at a high level for longer (Ebara, et al., 2008). The actual work performance during VDU work also improves with a sit-stand desk (Garrett et al., 2016; Choi, 2010; Hedge and Ray, 2004).
5 reasons why alternating sitting and standing is good for you
5 Health benefits of a sit-stand desk
1. Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
When you work standing up, your body is in constant motion. Because the whole body is involved, from feet to the back, neck and shoulders. By working standing up, you reduce the risk of physical complaints such as headaches and back and neck pain in both the short and long term. However, standing up all day is not the solution either. It is all about a good alternation between sitting and standing work. A sit-stand desk encourages you to do this.

2. Fitness is improved
When using a sit-stand desk, the fitness of the user is significantly improved. This applies to both physical and mental fitness. Because the user of the sit-stand desk is stimulated to move more, the body now moves more than it did before.

3. Performance increases
Working while standing helps your blood circulate more efficiently, so that your brain takes in more oxygen. This increases your ability to concentrate, which in turn leads to an improvement in your creative ability. This has the positive consequence that your problem-solving ability improves and you are able to achieve better performance.

4. Lowers the risk of being overweight
As already indicated in the above advantages, working in a standing position requires more effort from your body than when you work sitting down. When you work alternately sitting and standing, you burn more calories than when you only work sitting. It also helps to break down sugars and fats. This prevents the risk of being overweight. If you are interested in moving more at your sit-stand desk, it is best to do this in combination with our WORK & MOVE software. This software actively coaches you, gives you tips and advice and can also be tried for free for 30 days.

5. Absenteeism is falling
In addition to the fact that a sit-stand desk improves the health of the employee, the chance of worse diseases of the heart and/or blood vessels is also reduced. This translates directly into lower absenteeism in the workplace because employees are simply fitter.
WORK & MOVE leads to more variation between standing up and sitting down
Adjusting a sit-stand desk
Every BakkerElkhuizen sit-stand desk can be quickly and easily adjusted to a comfortable working height. You can change your sitting workplace to a standing workplace in just a few seconds. Our sit-stand desks can be divided into two segments:
  1. Electrically adjustable sit-stand desk;
    This sit-stand desk uses an electric motor that is incorporated in the base of the table. You can quickly and easily adjust the height of your sit-stand desk by simply pressing a button on the control panel, by means of hot keys or with the help of one click on the mouse.
  2. Gas spring adjustable sit-stand desk;
    You can adjust this sit-stand desk by squeezing a lever that raises the desktop. When you then want to have the desktop down, you have to keep the handle pulled and push the leaf down by hand.

View here directly the Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Riser 2

Do you have questions about a specific sit-stand desk or would you still like expert advice? Please feel free to contact one of our specialists who will be happy to help you as soon as possible.


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