Mouse pads & Wrist rests

Mouse pads, wrist rests, and armrests provide excellent ergonomic comfort and support, absorbing any contact stress, protecting your wrists, hands and arms.

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Keyboard wrist rest

Work comfortably with an ergonomic mouse pad, wrist rest or armrest from BakkerElkhuizen. High-quality and ergonomic. Developed from high-grade materials and easy to keep clean. Good ergonomic wrist rests and mousepads help prevent RSI complaints and give you a comfortable work posture.

Mousepads increase comfort
Getting an ergonomic mouse is usually the first step when you want to improve your mouse use. But you can make your mouse use even more comfortable. Your table is often cold, which does not promote hand and wrist circulation. An isolating mousepad prevents a cold mouse hand and makes things more comfortable.

The right wrist rest
A wrist rest helps keep the wrist in a straight position when typing, and can be used to give things a rest in-between. If the wrist rest is too soft it can lead to wrist fixation, which increases muscle strain. It is important to bring the wrists to the right height, which keeps them in a neutral position.

Becoming a reseller
For mouse pads as well as wrist rests, BakkerElkhuizen works together with resellers and distributors. Contact us to find out more about becoming a reseller.


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