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We supply a wide range of ergonomic mice with the aim of preventing and alleviating injuries whilst improving your comfort, well-being and productivity. On this page you will find all our ergonomic mice and you can easily and quickly find your suitable mouse!

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So many different types of ergonomic mice. Which one fits me better?
Because it is so ubiquitous, a good mouse is essential for working comfortably and staying healthy when using a computer or laptop. There are many different mice on the market these days, and most non-standard mice are also ergonomic: from vertical, precision and central mice to pen tablets. So how do you choose the right mouse from all these types?

There are different ergonomic mice that increase the comfort of mouse use. All these models also reduce pronation, wrist extension and ulnar deviation to some degree. We will describe three types.

1. Vertical mice
The first group of ergonomic mice that we have in our range are the vertical mice, such as the Evoluent mice. This mouse is held in a handshake position. Due to this position, the wrist bends less to the side and the forearm does not have to turn inwards as much.

2. Central mice
Centrally positioned mice. The advantage of centrally positioned mice is that they lie directly in front of the user, namely between the user and the keyboard. This ensures less muscle strain in the shoulder compared to a standard mouse that, on the other hand, is next to the keyboard. In a central mouse, this central position means that the shoulder does not have to be turned outwards (Lin et al. 2014).

3. Precision mice
Then there are the penclic and other precision-grip mice, such as the DXT. These mice can be grabbed with the fingertips. As a result, the fingers are often bent more in these mice and the wrist is bent less backwards, as shown in the image below. The use of a precision mouse can also lead to less muscle strain in the forearms due to less wrist extension (Kotani & Horii, 2003; Ulmann et al., 2003).

4. Special mice
The special mouse is in between a standard mouse and a vertical mouse. The HandShoeMouse is an example of this. The hand is relaxed on the mouse, but you do not have to grip the mouse. The hand rests in a shape that fits like a glove. Because not every hand is the same size, several sizes are available for this.
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