Overall workplace

Based on knowledge and research, BakkerElkhuizen creates innovative solutions for your optimal workplace. Our goal is to enable all VDU workers to do their work as well as possible and to make an active contribution to the mental and physical health of every VDU worker.
Overall workplace
Whitepaper: Designing workstations

In this article you will find a quick guide to making your workplace more comfortable and productive. There is a clear relationship between comfort and productivity. An improvement in comfort in a workplace leads to a productivity increase of 10% (Vink and De Korte, 2008). Reason enough to take a critical look at the layout of your workplace.

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16 tips for an ideal workplace

An ergonomic workplace promotes the comfort and productivity of VDU workers. With some minor adjustments it is easy to create the ideal workplace. View our ergonomic products that help with this.

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Implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy

Our goal is to enable all VDU workers, even after COVID-19, to do their work in the form of hybrid working, while making an active contribution to mental and physical health. True to our motto "Work Smart, Feel Good". We support the implementation of a good 'Hybrid Working' policy with our knowledge, physical workplace solutions and our corporate health software.

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What are the risks people have when they won’t work with personal accessories?

Good posture at your desk is extremely important. It seems tempting to slump in your chair while working, but it is certainly not healthy. A bad work posture can cause ...

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How do you select a business laptop bag?

Working from home, on the road, sitting at a different desk in the office every day. One of the consequences of flexworking is that you have to switch workstations frequently. Whenever you do, you have to bring your keyboard, mouse, laptop stand and laptop with you. That makes having a good laptop bag essential. It is like stuffing your desk in a bag, so you can work with an ergonomically correct posture wherever you are.

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