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The greatest benefit of using a laptop stand is, that it acts as a riser and positions the screen at an ergonomic viewing angle. With the ideal viewing angle and -distance of your laptop screen you will improve your posture, your visual comfort and your productivity during your working day. Lucky for you, we have a wide range of laptop stands. On this page you will find all our laptop stands and you can easily and quickly find the suitable stand for you!

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Laptop stands: An easy adjustment to an ergonomic workplace
One of the relatively simplest adjustments an employee can make to be healthier and more productive with a laptop is to use a laptop stand. Our ergonomic laptop stands ensure a healthy and good working posture. Above you will find all our laptop stands.

An ergonomic laptop stand promotes productivity
Laptop stands raise the laptop screen and reduce the viewing distance. As a result, there is much less neck strain and you can work much more comfortably. An ergonomic laptop stand with a document stand also increases productivity. Because the documents are 'in-line' with the screen and keyboard, there is no need to strain the neck too much.

Different types of laptop stands
We have different types of laptop stands in our range. For example, we have the UltraStand Universal that attaches to the laptop like a second skin. The big advantage is that the laptop stand is always with you, so that you can always work at the correct viewing height. Then we have the laptop stands with an integrated document stand, such as the Ergo-Q 260. These are all compact, lightweight and flexible, easy to carry. And finally, we also have 'fixed' laptop stands that you leave on the desk. These are made of acrylic, like the Q-note 350.
Independent research: 17% higher productivity
Studies in Sweden and the Netherlands show that working with a BakkerElkhuizen ergonomic laptop stand in combination with an external keyboard and mouse results in a 17% increase in productivity. The sitting posture improves significantly. Neck load decreases by 32% and comfort improves by 21% (Lindblad, 2002). The forearms are in a more neutral position. Physical complaints are clearly decreasing (Boersma, 2002).

According to the Dutch Working Conditions Regulation (art. 5.1), people are not allowed to work with a laptop (without accessories) for more than 2 hours a day. With a laptop, the keyboard and screen are not separate from each other. If you use an external keyboard and mouse, this legal limitation of 2 hours will lapse. More information about the Dutch regulations? Read our white paper about working conditions legislation.
The FlexTop 170 laptop stand in use
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A laptop stand helps you maintain a good, ergonomic posture. Because just sitting in front of a laptop without tools is not good. Would you like to know more about the importance of a good laptop stand?
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