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Don’t just use any keyboard, choose the one that is best for you. A good keyboard is essential because your fingers travel up to 32 km on a keyboard in a working day (Microsoft, 2003, 7). We supply a wide range of ergonomic keyboards with the aim of preventing and alleviating long term injuries whilst improving your comfort, wellbeing and productivity.

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Ergonomic keyboard: For a better working posture
An ergonomic workplace promotes the comfort and productivity of VDU workers. BakkerElkhuizen develops and supplies high-quality ergonomic keyboards for healthier and more beautiful workplaces. Our keyboards reduce the pressure on your forearms so that complaints can be prevented.
Different types of ergonomic keyboards
We have different types of ergonomic keyboards in our range. Because the choice of a keyboard is different for everyone, we would like to help you make the best choice. That is why we have put all the different keyboards next to each other especially for you and listed all the advantages and disadvantages. Curious?
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Ergonomic keyboard: S-board 840
Want to know more before purchasing?
An ergonomic keyboard helps you maintain a good, ergonomic posture. Because just sitting in front of a laptop without tools is not good. Would you like to know more about the importance of a good (compact) keyboard? Or do you want tips on what a good workplace looks like? Then take a look at our 16 tips for a good workplace. You can do more than just buy a good keyboard:
Know everything about working with a mouse & keyboard
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