Aeris Swopper

The desk stool that keeps you moving

Aeris Swopper
The Aeris Swopper office stool is ideal for long and concentrated sitting in the office or home office. Its movement in all three dimensions (forwards, vertically and sideways) strengthens the back, promotes an upright sitting posture, increases concentration and makes you feel fitter and happier all round. The Swopper is available with a glider foot ring or a castor foot ring (hard or soft wheels) and its seat height is adjustable between 450 and 590 mm. Sit still on the Aeris Swopper chair, and yet be able to move. The movements leads to constantly changing seating positions which prevents back problems. This gives the chair an unbeatable advantage.

Workout while sitting

With the Swopper chair you can exercise on the side. The Swopper office chair promotes free movement of the body while sitting. You can breathe deeper which stimulates your circulation and metabolism. You'll automatically feel more alert and burn more calories, thanks to the dynamic sitting

Keeps ligaments and joints fit.
Active-dynamic sitting on the Swopper keep the joints in constant motion. This encourages synovia formation, tightens ligaments and tendons and prevents joint diseases.
Back pleasure.
Thanks to the genuine Aeris 3D technology, this chair follows the movements in all 3 directions: forwards, sideways and even vertically. The chair’s unique ability to move up and down, the so-called vertical swinging or "swopping" simulates the spine’s natural compression when walking or running. By sitting this way, your back muscles and intervertebral discs are kept nourished and fit - instead of collapsing on a backrest.

Optimal stability

The foot of the ergonomic office stool is extremely tilt-resistant and stable. The foot ring is available either with hard- or with soft wheels, or with a foot ring with glides.

Convex shape

The convex seat of the Aeris Swopper is very comfortable and promotes a free and upright sitting position. It prevents vascular congestion on the underside of your thighs. Sitting in motion stimulates active blood circulation right back to your heart and counteracts possible venous disorders. It is the ideal seat cover and -shape for the office.

Ideal seat cover.
The seat of the Swopper chair has a microfibre cover and is practically indestructible. Its soft texture is pleasant to the touch, non-slip and durable. It makes this Aeris Swopper easy to clean, long-lasting and versatile.
Spring strut type
The Swopper has the standard spring strut build in. This spring strut is suitable for most of the customers. It is optimised for a body weight of 50 to 120 kg. The spring tension of the office stool and thus the vertical movement is individually adjustable to your body weight- The sideways flexibility of the Swopper is also adjustable according to your preference. The seat height is unloaded between 520 to 660 mm, and loaded 450 mm to 590 mm. The gas pressure spring of the Swopper offers you a continuously height adjustment.

No more hunched posture
The office stool’s low pivotal joint and spring ensure that you sit actively. Even when you lean forward your back will stay straight without extra effort on your part.

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