Capisco 8106

Provides endless ways to sit, stand or recline...

Capisco 8106
The Capisco chair was inspired by a horseback rider's posture. Its innovative saddle seat with its overall unique shape, offer endless ways to sit, stand or lean. This chair is made for a greater freedom of movement, variation and natural sitting positions. It gives you an upright sitting posture and a natural curvature in you lower back. You can adjust the HÅG Capisco perfectly to your individual needs and is the ideal chair for height-adjustable desks, because you can easily shift between sitting and (semi-)standing. This special shape stimulates intuitive and natural movement of the body and variation of sitting postures leading to improved health and productivity
What can you expect from the Capisco 8106?
In-Balance mechanism
Making people’s working day more comfortable and increasing the amount of body movement is exactly what HÅG with the HÅG in Balance® mechanism promotes. A HÅG chair balances the body in an intuitive way, ensuring that you are seated correctly. Balance is the best starting point for movement. A central tilting point (single point tilt mechanism) ensures that you always sit in balance. It's where the chair naturally pivots, providing the best starting point for movement.

The seat and backrest of the chair are joined at a fixed angle. The front end of the seat tilts upwards when you lean backwards, then down when you lean forward towards your desk. This helps prevent slouching, the single most common source of back injuries while seated. It's effortless to tilt forward and backwards using your legs to control your movements.
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Unique saddle seat inspires variation

The saddle seat and foot base of the Capisco enables balanced sitting, a sitting posture that inspires various positions. It encourages the user to creative alternate sitting positions. Forwards, backwards or sideways – the best sitting position is always the next one. With this posture the lumbar curve remains, the hip joint angles are open, and muscles are well-balanced and relaxed to eliminate the strain on your body that is often associated with conventional sitting.
More energy during your work day.
Everyday life engages us to move naturally. Inspired by the horseback rider’s dynamic posture, the HÅG Capisco was designed for greater freedom of movement when sitting. Based on the belief that no sitting posture is ideal for longer periods of time, the chair encourages frequent movement and variation. You can adjust the seat height, depth, -back height, backward tilt tension and lockable tilt, so it fits perfectly to your individual needs. This chair makes sitting active, giving you more energy and flow to your workday - whether at the office or at home.
Sit at various heights.
The HÅG Capisco has a flexible height range and makes it easy to shift between sitting, standing and perching. There is no other task chair that adapts so well to different heights. The Capisco chair has a 200 mm gas lift mechanism, which smoothly raises and lowers the seat height between 470 and 655 mm. In case you have a tall body size and you’d like to have a seat height between 555 and 810 mm, then we recommend the optional 265 mm lift. Get in contact with us to get advice on which gas lift option suits you best, the 200 mm is standard. If you want a higher option, please contact us.
Design and wheels.
The Capisco chair is available in the crepe fabric Xtreme Camira in black, which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester that features exceptional Euro flammability performance. Extra stretch and structure gives an irregular, shiny finish. The colour of the metal, lift, and foot base is silver. The wheels of this chair are in black. You can choose between wheels for hard or soft floors.
  • Hard floor wheels are recommended for soft floors, such as carpets and rugs.
  • Soft floor wheels are recommended for hard floors, such as tiles, laminate or wooden floorboards.
Fits into any room and work place.
The flexibility makes the Capisco chair a perfect fit for creative meeting rooms and collaboration areas. Its shape allows you to twist and turn to face your colleagues. But also for open plan offices, home-office or shared-desk it is always a good choice, when you’d like to work more healthy and comfortable.
Your custom chair
Create your own, unique ergonomic office chair with personalized options, designed by you. Mix and match accessories, materials and colors and consult with our advisors to get the best suit for your needs. There are no limits to your imagination and you will get a completely tailored char that you deserve.
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The Capisco has been awarded a Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Möbelfakta, Greenguard and AFRDI Green Tick certificate which guarantees that the chair meets strict durability, quality and health requirements. It’s made from 56% recycled materials and is recyclable for 90% after use for which the Capisco has been awarded the Best Recycled Plastic Product (BRPP) in 2015. In addition, this chair complies with the European EN1335 standard, which lays down what a good office chair must meet and ensures that this office chair can guarantee a dynamic sitting position which is important for overall health and work performance.

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