The most user-friendly chair in the world because it is so easy to adjust with the golden knob!

The Creed chair combines classic design with smart functionality, is user-friendly, and features the unique centre-tilt mechanism (the so called HÅG in Balance® mechanism). This chair instinctively follows every postural shift of the user, no matter how slight. The ingenious “4-in-1” adjustment feature makes the chair easily adaptable for any person or situation.
What can you expect from Creed?
Balanced movement for your well-being.
When sitting, can freedom of movement and change of position be as important as support? Even the most comfortable sitting position becomes uncomfortable after a while. Our muscles are built for productive use and aren’t well-adapted to static strain. We can walk for hours but get tired after a few minutes if we have to stand still.

The HÅG in Balance® mechanism is a single point tilt mechanism allows for balanced movement and stimulating foot movement for better blood circulation and adopting different sitting positions. When you're in balance with your HÅG Creed chair, moving becomes effortless. Your legs determine how you shift position and moving becomes an inherent part of your natural workflow.

The ingenious “4-in-1” adjustment
The 4-in-1 adjustment wheel that makes it easy for you to adjust the chair quickly to suit your needs: seat depth, back height and forward and backward tilt tension in one adjustment-wheel. Backrest height and tilt resistance can also be adjusted independently.
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The fabric of this HÅG Creed chair is called Xtreme Camira and is a crepe fabric made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester that features exceptional Euro flammability performance. The extra stretch and structure gives an irregular, shiny finish. The colour of this fabric is black. The colour of the metal is also black, only the part of the lift below the seat is silver, the foot base is in painted aluminium and also black. This chair is supplied with soft floor wheels, which are recommended for hard floors, such as wooden floors, parquet, laminate floors or especially on tiles and stone floors.
Hard or soft wheels?
Hard wheels are suitable for soft surfaces such as carpet and rugs, the soft wheels are suitable for hard surfaces such as tiles and parquet. Based on your floor type, choose which wheels are most suitable for you!
Medium backrest.
The Creed chair 6003 has a medium backrest of 475 mm. It’s partially upholstered and curved in such a way that the natural curvature of the spine is supported. Mid back chairs are lighter and easier on the eyes in more cluttered space and are suitable for small offices and crowded workspaces as well as conference rooms or the home office. The seat height can be adjusted by up to 150 mm via the gas spring. The armrests are 3D adjustable, which means height, depth and width.
Your custom chair
Create your own, unique ergonomic office chair with personalized options, designed by you. Mix and match accessories, materials and colors and consult with our advisors to get the best suit for your needs. There are no limits to your imagination and you will get a completely tailored char that you deserve.
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The HÄG Creed, consisting of 56% recycled materials, has been awarded a Greenguard Gold certificate which guarantees, among other things, that this office chair has been produced in a sustainable way. The Möbelfakta shows that the quality of the chair, a low impact on the environment and a responsible supply chain are guaranteed. In addition, this chair complies with both the EN1335 (Europe) and the NPR1813 (The Netherlands) standard, which lay down what a good office chair must meet.

It's also been tested thoroughly and complies to the quality and safety standards of ANSI-BIFMA, BS 5459 and GS mark.

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