DXT 2 Precision Mouse

With the DXT Precision Mouse, you can work on your computer with the utmost precision.

DXT 2 Precision Mouse

Increase your productivity with the ergonomic DXT Precision Mouse

The special precision grip promises precise mouse control, an ergonomic way of working and a fast familiarisation time. A unique design that fits large and small hands and allows alternate use with the right and left hand. Increase your productivity with the ergonomic DXT Precision mouse by navigating your computer with pinpoint accuracy and, at the same time, experience more comfort while working with your computer.

Precision grip for precise navigation.

Precision grip for precise navigation. You hold the DXT Precision Mouse with your fingertips, like a pen. This grip is similar to how you write. This means that you can do your mouse work with small and precise movements. Thanks to the familiar pen grip, the DXT Precision Mouse promises fast familiarisation. With the selectable pointer speed at the bottom of the mouse, you can choose between four different levels.
  • A higher speed (higher DPI) is recommended for general mouse use;
  • A slower speed (lower DPI) is recommended for slower, more precise work, such as drawing or photo editing.

Ergonomic background

Using a precision mouse can reduce strain on the forearm muscles because the wrist is stretched less (Kotani & Horii, 2003; Ulmann et al., 2003). Studies show that the use of a ergonomic mouse allows faster recovery from arm, wrist and hand injuries (Aarås et al., 2001).

Universally applicable.

The DXT Precision mouse is equally suitable for right and left-handed use. Thanks to the unique button on the inside, you can continuously choose between left and right and rotate the DXT Precision mouse 180°. This gives you the flexibility to use the mouse alternately with both hands.

  • What's more, because this mouse is held by the finger tips, this compact mouse model is suitable for both larger and smaller hands.
Ideal for travelling.
You can choose whether you want the wired or wireless version of the DXT Precision mouse. With its compact size of 81 x 56 x 45 mm and very light weight (85 g wired; 160 g wireless), this mouse model is ideal for travelling. Its compact size and light weight mean you'll barely notice it in your laptop bag or work bag.
Get started right away by plugging the DXT Precision mouse directly into your computer without any manual configuration. Just plug the USB cable from the wired model or the USB receiver from the wireless model into your computer. The wireless version of the DXT Precision mouse is easy to charge via a USB cable, and you can still use the mouse while it's charging.
Small but mighty.
The DXT Precision mouse is available in the wired version in classy black and silver, and in the wireless version in chic grey and silver. It impresses with its non-slip, durable material.
Ergonomic hand position.
The DXT Precision mouse has the special feature of being held by the finger tips. This allows the mouse hand to remain in an ergonomically natural and neutral position at all times. Thanks to the pen grip, mouse work can be performed with small movements without straining the shoulder. The simultaneous vertical position of the wrist relieves the forearm and prevents discomfort. From now on, use your energy for more performance at work.
The DXT 2 Precision Mouse is better suited for smaller hands and the DXT 3 Precision Mouse is better suited for medium to large hands.

How do you find out which mouse is right for you?
  • Measure your hand from index finger to little finger
  • Make sure your fingers are together and your hand is flat on the desk.

DXT 2 = up to 69mm
DXT 3 = from 69mm

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