Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar

The Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar is an ergonomical solution for symmetry between 2 screens.

Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar

Easily adjusts 2 screens to the correct position at the same time

This monitor arm allows you to set up 2 screens at the right height easily, enabling you to optimise any workstation. The Flex Dual Crossbar therefore meets all your needs.

In addition, the Filex Galaxy monitor arm is 100% recyclable and is produced from sustainable materials.

Ergonomic background

Placing the screen too low can lead to tension in the upper neck. Placing it too high (the top should not be above eye level) can also lead to problems.

Possibly even more important is the adjustability of the depth, ensuring an optimal viewing distance. This allows you to better take in information and puts the least amount of strain on the eyes. This optimal screen position works better, more comfortably and increases productivity with 10% when compared to an incorrect positioning (Sommerich et al,1998).
Viewing angle
Because of the handle and gas spring, the screens can be adjusted in height and depth with just one flick of the wrist. The flexible VESA head with quick release ensures the screens can tilt, rotate and turn separately.
Because of the wide range of clamps, it is possible to mount the Filex Galaxy monitor arm onto most desktops. The desk clamp and cable space feeder are included.
Rotation stop
The integrated rotation stop in the Filex Galaxy monitor arm ensures a desk can be placed against a wall or other desk (desk-to-desk) without the arms or wall touching.
Dual Crossbar
The Filex Galaxy Flex Dual Crossbar combines a smart and compact design. Using the crossbar, you can quickly and easily set two screens to the same height and depth.
All parts are 100% recyclable and made from 100% sustainable materials. Because of the extensive range from 2 to 12 kg, you will not need a new gas spring when you use a different weight screen.
Cable management is included in the Filex Galaxy series. This ensures a neat and tidy and professional look. All parts are available in White, Silver or Black and have a 5 year warranty.

Basically perfect for two screens!

Due to the statically inclined and dynamic arm part, which can be mounted directly on the clamp, this arm can easily be adjusted manually to any desired height and depth. Also due to the ball joint in the VESA head, this arm can be set directly to the correct ergonomic viewing angle!
  • A Filex Galaxy monitor arm configuration for 2 screens!
  • Use the handle to set the screens to the right position quickly.
  • With a load capacity of 2 to 10 kilos, this monitor arm is suitable for the most modern screens.
The Filex Galaxy monitor arms can at least pan 90° both to the left and the right. For some configurations you can rotate the arm 360°.
The Filex Galaxy monitor arms can be tilted up to 110° up and 60° down. This can help e.g., when you would like to avoid reflections.
The Filex Galaxy monitor arm can hold the screen in both landscape and portrait, this ensures optimal flexibility.
The Filex Galaxy monitor arms can be adjusted up and down.

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