Giroflex 64

This globally beloved classic guarantees perfect seating comfort.

Giroflex 64
Based on years of experience, Giroflex is aware of the great importance of ergonomics in the workplace. Only those who sit correctly and actively feel comfortable and can perform well on a daily basis. The giroflex 64 can be perfectly adapted to personal needs from A to Z. With a variety of setting options which ensures dynamic sitting. They spare ligaments, intervertebral discs, muscles and the back as a whole and guarantee
What can you expect from the Giroflex 64?
Discover the mechanism
The Organicmove mechanism of the Giroflex 64 is a synchro mechanism providing a point synchronous movement course, lockable in six setting positions or as a freefloat (i.e. free moving). This drives the motion of the seat and backrest individually, at a ratio of approximately 2,5 : 1 and making sure your feet stay on the ground while your gaze straight ahead.

Ergonomic design
The ergonomic design and pre-shaped cushions of back and seat guarantee optimal support and optimal seating comfort.

Dual-zone seat profile
The proven two-zone seating profile supports the pelvis with the rear seating area and prevents sliding forward. The front seat area leans slightly forward and guarantees
optimal legroom and reduces pressure on the thighs.
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Optimally adjustable
The height adjustment for the backrest, the optional depth-adjustable lumbar support for extra support and the versatile 4D armrests allow for any individual adjustments in height, depth, width and rotation and therefor an ergonomically correct sitting position.

Hard or soft wheels?
Hard wheels are suitable for soft surfaces such as carpet and rugs, the soft wheels are suitable for hard surfaces such as tiles and parquet. Based on your floor type, choose which wheels are most suitable for you!
Quality requirements as high as the Swiss mountains.
That is the constant care and aspiration of Giroflex, since its foundation in Koblenz in 1872. Highly educated personnel with the required expertise are not only sought and found there, but also consciously supported. The quality of the training at Giroflex is as proverbial as the quality of the giroflex products. With a lot of handicrafts, craftsmanship and the most modern production techniques, chairs and armchairs of first quality are made here. They are used daily all over the world, their reputation spreads rapidly across the five continents and returns to Koblenz as a thousandfold echo.
Your custom chair
Create your own, unique ergonomic office chair with personalized options, designed by you. Mix and match accessories, materials and colors and consult with our advisors to get the best suit for your needs. There are no limits to your imagination and you will get a completely tailored char that you deserve.
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The Giroflex 64 has been awarded a Quality Office certificate which guarantees, among other things, that this office chair can guarantee a dynamic sitting position, which is important for overall health and work performance. In addition, this chair complies with both the EN1335 (Europe) and the NPR1813 (The Netherlands) standard, which lay down what a good office chair must meet.

It's also been tested thoroughly and complies to the quality and safety standards the GS mark.

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