Pro 952 Footrest

Compact footrest, adjustable with one foot for an ideal foot and leg support.

Pro 952 Footrest
The Pro 952 footrest will help to improve your well-being during your workday. This footrest reduces the pressure on your legs and supports the blood circulation in your feet, knees, and thighs. Thanks to the height adjustable footboard, this footrest prevents dangling of your legs and compensate the height difference at your desk. The Pro 952 footrest has a compact size, is easy to adjust with one foot, is stable, and has a non-slip surface for a good grip of your feet. Prevent muscle strain and fatigue by supporting your legs at an optimum angle and height, and work more comfortable with the Pro 952 footrest.

Upright posture.

Upright posture. Place your feet in an optimal position under your desk and prevent pain and discomfort in your feet, knees, and thighs. With the Pro 952 footrest you can bring your legs and feet in an ideal ergonomic position and that results in a better blood circulation and -sitting posture. It is guaranteed, that you will work more productively with the help of the Pro 952 footrest.

Ergonomic background

Compact footrest..
The advantage of the Pro 952 footrest is, that it has a compact size of 440 mm x 320 mm and is therefore also appropriate for the use for smaller desk or workplaces. You can use the Pro 952 footrest everywhere where it is needed to balance out the height difference, e.g., at your desk at home or office, at a table in a laboratory, reception, or checkout area. For every workplace this footrest gives your legs and feet proper support for a better blood circulation and a better sitting posture.
Ideal height and angle.
The height adjustment range of the Pro 952 footrest is 80 mm to 300 mm. The platform of the Pro 952 can be titled between 0° and 90°. Thanks to the non-slip platform your feet always have a good grip on it. In the twinkling of an eye, you can bring up your feet to a comfortable position, improve the blood circulation and work more comfortable.
Robust. Stable. Compact.
This footrest is made from high-quality materials such as steel and impact-resistant plastic (ABS). Thanks to the high-quality material of this footrest, it is guaranteed that the Pro 952 is robust and stable. The compact design in combination with the frame of this footrest guarantees, that a toe of a chair always fits under the footrest. With the optimal foot and leg position you will automatically adopt to a healthy and upright posture, prevent physical discomfort, and improve your well-being during work.

Quick setup.

The Pro 952 footrest can be easily adjusted in height and angle in a few seconds. Simply operate it with just one foot. The user-friendly single-foot-adjustment-mechanism is easy to handle, thanks to the patented scissor mechanism. Adjust the height and angel of your footrest faster and safer than ever with the Pro 952. Prevent dangling legs and compensate the height difference at your desk.

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