Profim LightUp 250SL

The Profim LightUp is a modern office chair with a good price-quality ratio. A perfect solution for those looking for an ergonomic and economical chair.

Profim LightUp 250SL

Comfortable and aesthetic

The design and technical solutions used to create LightUp make it suitable for any type of office space. Developed for people who spend long hours at their desks and need a physically comfortable and aesthetic solution.
What can you expect from the Profim LightUp?
Synchronous mechanism
The Profim LightUp has modern synchro mechanism that allows the chair to be manually adjusted to the weight of the user. The synchronous mechanism can be locked in five positions and makes sure your feet stay on the ground while keeping your gaze straight ahead.
Want to know more about the mechanism?
Ergonomics of the Profim LightUp
Even though we work at a desk, we are constantly on the move. This may seem contradictory, but we shift our position and continuously adjust the pressure on the backrest. It is important that the chair responds adequately to these changes, ensures correct posture, removes pressure on the spine, provides comfort at work and avoids distraction from your task.

Support of the spine
The LightUp is designed to support the user during a long working day. It features several innovative solutions that allow the user to adapt the chair to his individual needs. A crucial element of the chair is the mesh backrest whose shape naturally matches the curves of the spine.
Minimalist design
The modern and minimalist aesthetic of the LightUp combines form and function in the most elegant way. Every part of the chair has a purpose – nothing is superfluous. Most importantly, all its shapes are optimized to provide the utmost comfort and ergonomic quality.
Lumbar support
The Profim LightUp has a height and depth adjustable lumbar support, so that the backrest can be optimally adjusted to your needs and body shape.
3D Armrest
The 3D armrests of the Profim LightUp can be adjusted in height (80 mm), depth and with and have a soft topping for optimal comfort.
Hard or soft wheels
The Profim LightUp can also be chosen from hard or soft wheels. The hard wheels are suitable for soft surfaces such as carpet and rugs, the soft wheels are suitable for hard surfaces such as tiles and parquet.
Your custom chair
Create your own, unique ergonomic office chair with personalized options, designed by you. Mix and match accessories, materials and colors and consult with our advisors to get the best suit for your needs. There are no limits to your imagination and you will get a completely tailored char that you deserve.
Certificates from the Profim LightUp
With 17% recycled and 95% recyclable material, the LightUp has been awarded the Blue Angel certificate, one of the oldest environmental awards for environmentally friendly products. In addition, this chair has the AFDRI Green Tick and Möbelfakte awards and complies with the EN1335 (Europe) standard, which lays down what a good office chair must meet.

It's also been tested thoroughly and complies to the quality and safety standards the GS mark.

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