RH Logic 220

The new and improved RH Logic adapts to your body and provides crucial support and relief, helping you stay focused and get things done.

RH Logic 220
A chair that combines comfort and premium ergonomics with enhanced features to enhance the user experience. Furthermore, the RH Logic has been developed in a new visual design to create a sophisticated look that fits seamlessly into any workspace.

And to really make a difference in the long run, the new RH Logic uses only sustainable and recyclable materials in each component. The RH Logic is built to last and let you do your job – with more ease than ever.
What can you expect from the RH Logic 220?
Free floating mechanism.
The new RH Logic 220 is a hybrid of a single point tilt and a asynchro mechanism and has an infinitely adjustable free floating mechanism that can be locked in any chosen position.

This 2PP™ mechanism responds to the movement of your body’s pivot points: hips and knees. As a result  the chair follows your smallest movements, giving the correct support in relation to your height and weight in order to relieve pressure points. Perfect combination of optimal support and active sitting. The individual adjustable backrest angle makes sure the chair can be adjusted to all body types.
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Improved design
The new RH Logic is the result of a careful design process of no less than 5 years. The motivation was to make the chair accessible and comfortable to use, but also to invest in the looks and design. Not only partners and architects, but also users were involved early in the process and provided crucial input during the various phases of testing and development. All this to ensure that the chair meets every demand.
XL Version
The RH Logic 220 XL has a wider and deeper seat than the RH Logic 220. This ensures that heavier and taller people are also comfortable. An inappropriate chair causes a wrong sitting position, which can cause complaints in the back, neck and shoulder.
Soft or hard wheels
Choose hard wheels, which are suitable for soft floors such as carpet or choose soft wheels that are suitable for hard floors such as parquet, PVC, laminate and stone floor tiles
Built to last
Sustainability and environmental efficiency are a big part of the new RH Logic.
The chair is designed to last and to minimise environmental impact throughout its life cycle – from soil extraction to end-of-life.

All parts are easy to replace and separable and each part is fully recyclable and free of toxic substances.
7 functionalities of the RH Logic 220
  1. The seat has a rounded front and waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the thighs. The depth of the seat can be set separately.
  2. The sculpted shape provides comfort, keeps the back upright and provides support in any posture. The pronounced "Tvedt cushion" stimulates movement, upright posture and open posture.
  3. Individually adjustable backrest angle for support in any position. Defined lower back support and stand with inflatable lumbar pump.
  4. Icons on all handles and levers make the chair user-friendly and easy to understand. The controls are even accessible while seated.
  5. Friction tilt mechanism follows every movement, easily lockable in any desired position. The tilt resistance is quickly adjustable from 40 kg – 150 kg in 7 strokes.
  6. Armrests are adjustable (height, width, depth and swivel) The optional neck support is adjustable in height and depth.
  7. Easily interchangeable seat and backrest that can be clicked on and off.
Your custom chair
Create your own, unique ergonomic office chair with personalized options, designed by you. Mix and match accessories, materials and colors and consult with our advisors to get the best suit for your needs. There are no limits to your imagination and you will get a completely tailored char that you deserve.
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Awarded several certificates

The RH Logic 220, consisting of 61% recycled and 94% recyclable materials, has been awarded a Greenguard Gold certificate which guarantees, among other things, that this office chair has been produced in a sustainable way. The Möbelfakta shows that the quality of the chair, a low impact on the environment and a responsible supply chain are guaranteed. In addition, this chair complies with both the EN1335 (Europe) and the NPR1813 (The Netherlands) standard, which lay down what a good office chair must meet.

It's also been tested thoroughly and complies to the quality and safety standards of ANSI-BIFMA, BS 5459 and GS mark.

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