S-board 840

A great compact keyboard. Everything's included! With two USB ports.

S-board 840

The S-board 840, one of the best equipped keyboards on the market for years.

With its compact size, you will work in a healthier and more comfortable way. The S-board 840 meets the ergonomic requirements for keyboards e.g., a scissor mechanism, a key centre distance of 19mm, and concave keys in white with dark lettering. Those features guarantee a convenient and precisely way of typing, and minimal typing errors.

The hot-keys, integrated multimedia keys, status LEDs, and the two USB ports promise a productive way of working. Avoid strain in your lower arms and shoulders and start working ergonomic and comfortable with the S-board 840.

A compact size for improved ergonomics.

The S-board 840 has a compact size because the numerical part is missing. In most cases users hardly need the numerical part of a keyboard or even not at all.

A compact sized keyboard leads to a better posture during computer work. The reach distance to the mouse is minimised and therefore the pain in your forearms and shoulders is prevented. Do you miss the numerical part? Simply switch on the separate NumLock key, and work with the integrated number field. This way you will work-in-line all the time and this leads to more efficiency and less physical discomfort.

Ergonomic background

A compact keyboard without the numeric keypad, which allows placing the mouse closer to the keyboard. Research shows that 90% of users do not use the numeric keypad, if ever. With a compact keyboard you work more comfortably, because it lowers the reaching distance to the mouse (Cook C. et al., 1998). This lightens the load on the forearms and shoulder. Dark letters on a clear background make reading easier (ISO 9241) and contribute to higher productivity (Snyder, 1990).

No reflections and a nice design.

The S-board 840 has white keys with dark lettering. This promises a convenient change of view from the bright monitor down to the light keys. The light colour avoids high contrasts and reflections, this guarantees the best readability. The dark letters on the keyboard have a font size of 4 mm, which makes it easy to recognize the letters and start typing.

When you are not typing blindly in the ten-finger system, then fold out the feet of the S-board 840 and bring it to a better viewing angle. When you type blindly, then we recommend keeping the feet folded in. Your wrists bend less upwards and remain in a more neutral and flat posture. The stylish bright design of the keyboard will improve your readability and will make you more productive.
Silent, comfortable typing feel.
With the S-board 840 you will type easy and comfortable. The S-board 840 has a so-called scissor mechanism for its keys. The advantage of those kind of keys is, that they are quieter and require less force to press. The scissor mechanism guarantees, that the user still recognizes the pressure point of the keys while typing, and at the same time does not have to apply to much key pressure force to press down the keys.
Perfect for your hybrid work.
You work mobile at home, some days in the office at your desk or in the meeting room? Simply take the S-board 840 with you. A protection bag is in the delivery included. This bag will protect your keyboard during transport in your laptop bag. This ensures that your keyboard lasts long. The keyboard has a light weight of just 480 g and a compact size of 305mm x 20mm x 165mm. It fits perfectly in your bag. Benefit of having your own device, and don't take any risks when it comes to hygiene.
Keys for precise typing.
The keys of the S-board 840 have a key centre distance of 19mm according to the DIN EN ISO norm and this ensures a better orientation on the keyboard. But not only the distance, also the shape of the keys is important. The S-board 840 has concave keys. A concave shape is with an inner curvature and fits perfectly to your fingertips. For a better orientation on the keyboard, just the space bar has a convex shape (curved like the exterior of a circle). The key distance and the shape guarantee precisely typing and minimal typing errors.

Many, many functions.

The S-board 840 has three Status LEDs, which show you if the NumLock, CapsLock or ScrollLock are activated. With the two USB ports you will be more flexible than ever because you can use them e.g., for your mouse and headset. The S-board 840 is compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. The twelve hotkey buttons guarantee a lot of efficiency. Open a new document or file, use conveniently the save button or printing key. Easily cut, copy, and paste things. Use the standard media-player functions, open a new tab in your browser, set a favourite or jump to your e-mails. You will automatically use the mouse less, which is not only more productive, but also more ergonomic.

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