UltraStand Universal

Integrated laptop stand, always with you.

UltraStand Universal
This laptop stand is suitable for a wide range of laptop models from 13 to 16 inches. The UltraStand Universal can be easily integrated to the laptop thanks to the adhesive strips. You will not even notice that you are carrying it with you due to the extreme light weight (89 g) and the thickness (2 mm). The high-quality aluminium sandwich material makes the UltraStand Universal highly resistant to dents and very stable. Simply set the optimal height between 95 and 160 mm via the flexible strap with magnetic fastener on the front. From now on never forget your laptop stand for your mobile work and start working in a healthier, more comfortable posture everywhere.

Integrates perfectly with your laptop.

After checking if your laptop model is suitable, the UltraStand Universal is easy to attach to the centre of the laptop bottom using the removable adhesive strips. The laptop stand is with 2 mm ultra-thin and forms a unit with your laptop. Thanks to magnetic closure, you don’t even notice, that it is attached. From now on you will never forget your laptop stand.
  • The adhesive holds optimally on plastic. However, if you ever need to remove the UltraStand, the laptop will not be damaged.

Ergonomic background

  1. Distance between your eyes and the screen should be 50-80 cm (approximately an arm length), depending on monitor size and resolution. Adjust the distance of your screen (VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S. 93.).
  2. The angle of your line of vision to the middle of the screen should be approximately -35°, so also adjust the height of your screen (VGB DGUV Information 215-410, 2019, S.46.).

Legal requirements
The laptop is not suitable for longer use without external devices. If the laptop is used for more than one hour at a time, external devices are required to meet legal requirements and practice guidelines. To be able to work comfortably and productively with a laptop for a long time, a laptop stand, an external mouse, and an external keyboard are therefore indispensable. If you use an external monitor and position the laptop screen at the same height, both can also be used as a dual screen. (Arbeitsstättenverordnung, Anhang, 6.4 (3).)

In a few seconds an ergonomic set up.

First open your laptop as usual, second bring your laptop to the correct ergonomic height. Simply loosen the flexible height adjustment strap from the magnetic lock at the bottom. Then choose one of the six heights and set your personal optimal height level between 95mm and 160mm. The highly stable stand and the anti-slip feet on the underside promise a firm working setup for your laptop on any surface.
  • Adjust your laptop screen to the correct height, angle and distance so that you automatically adopt an ergonomically correct posture.
Right height and distance.
You’d like to choose the right height and angle for your laptop screen, and reduce the viewing distance? With the UltraStand Universal you prevent unnecessary bending of your neck and back "into your monitor". The UltraStand Universal supports a healthier posture and reduces physical discomfort. This will lead to a comfortable and productive way of working.
Made of high-quality, unique aluminium sandwich material.
This unique material, which is also used in the automotive industry, is lighter than aluminium and resistant to dents and scratches. The aluminium sandwich material makes the UltraStand Universal therefore very durable. The open design of the laptop stand gives enough ventilation space, so that your laptop stays cool.
Mobile working.
The UltraStand Universal is ideal for mobile screen work. With the integrated UltraStand Universal there is no need to carry a separate laptop stand in your bag, it is always readily available. It is ultra-thin and super light and therefore space-saving. Whether you use the laptop stand in the office, at university or at home, you can use it simply anywhere you can imagine laptop work. The UltraStand Universal is the perfect companion when you are on the go.

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