Underarm Support Symmetrical

An ergonomic rest which supports your forearms.

Underarm Support Symmetrical
The Under Arm Support is an ergonomic rest that has been designed to support your forearms. The forearm rest quickly attaches to the front of your desk, instantly creating a padded desk extension which is perfect if you need the extra support. The rest is great for people who do not have armrests on their chair and helps to keep arms and wrists in a neutral position The padded surface is far more comfortable to use than the hard cold surface of your tabletop, but also just as hygienic with its wipe-clean material.
The Under Arm Support offers a good solution when your chair has no ergonomically adjustable armrests or no armrests at all. This ergonomic armrest puts your arms into a natural posture and is a nice and comfortable alternative to the tabletop surface.
  • This rest supports your arms and helps to prevent strain in the neck and shoulders.
  • The Under Arm Support ensures a good posture by limiting the angle to which your wrists can bend. This avoids unnecessary stress on your wrists.

Ergonomic background

When working with a keyboard and mouse, it is important that the arm is sufficiently supported. This can be done by using a good armrest on the desk chair, but also by using a separate armrest. This reduces muscle tension in the arm and shoulder and improves comfort. A wrist rest helps to keep the wrist in a straight position when typing and can be used to rest between uses.
Comfortable resting surface.
During periods your work routines do not require keyboard or mouse use, wrist rests provide a comfortable surface to rest your wrist of your hand. This prevents compression in your blood vessels, tendons and nerves which is one of the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. Resting your wrist on a hard surface like a tabletop causes pressure on your wrists. 
Thanks to the extra width of the Under Arm Support the armrest ensures that your arms remain supported, both when typing and when using the mouse. Furthermore, additional desk space is gained since the rests are attached to, but not sitting on, your tabletop.
Simple mounting.
The Under Arm Support is easy to mount without tools. You simply position the rest on the front edge of your desk (no drilling needed) with two adjustable screws and can be attached to tabletops between 10mm and 35mm. The Under Arm Support holds itself in place with the attachment bows.
Lycra covering.
The Under Arm Support is made from Lycra material. This smooth Lycra surface will prevent irritation caused by friction. The padding makes the rest more comfortable than hard tabletop surfaces. The soft Lycra cover is made of an hygienic fabric and easy to clean.
Environment-friendly materials.
The Under Arm Support is constructed from ecological materials. The wooden board used under the padding is made of FSC certified material. This means that wood has been sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner. The steel of the attachment bows is fully recyclable.

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