WORK & MOVE Analytics

Gain insight into the improvement potential and risks at group level. Based on this data, your organization can deploy much more targeted interventions, people and resources.

WORK & MOVE Analytics

With the insights and trends that WORK & MOVE Analytics generates, you are better able to give substance to your Health & Safety policy.

Management reporting module
In addition to the WORK & MOVE client (for individual employees), we also have a central management reporting module: WORK & MOVE Analytics. With Analytics it is possible to gain insights into the improvement potential and risks at group level. Based on this objective data, your organization can more effective plan its Health & Safety resources. WORK & MOVE Analytics is a SAAS solution and is fully privacy-proof. (GDPR).
Overview or detail
WORK & MOVE Analytics gives insight in trends, developments and correlations across days, weeks, months and years within groups, departments and locations.
WORK & MOVE Analytics provides insight into and overview of groups and departments.
Analyse trends, developments and correlations across days, weeks, months and years.
Concretely substantiate your Health & Safety policy with the help of objective data.
WORK & MOVE Analytics is a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution. Setting it up is easy and quick.
The software meets all GDPR requirements with regard to privacy protection.
Insight at the group level
In WORK & MOVE Analytics, you assign permissions and roles to determine who can access the real-time group reports. You can easily compare one group to another.
Insight into risks
WORK & MOVE Analytics offers you more and better insight into risks at the group and/or department level. For example, you can gain insight into the use of sit-stand furniture or the number of hours of active computer work per group, department or location.
Targeted interventions
You can deploy targeted interventions and other means with the help of objective data. WORK & MOVE Analytics will save you both time and money.
Health & Safety policy
WORK & MOVE Analytics perfectly complements your Health & Safety policy.
Mental and physical fitness
With WORK & MOVE Analytics, you gain valuable insight into the mental and physical fitness of groups of employees. These aggregated data form the perfect motivation to talk to your management. You can use the objective data to back up your arguments.
Support essential measures/interventions
By comparing different values, you gain insight into correlations. You can e.g. examine the effect of using keyboard shortcuts on mouse usage and the number of mouse clicks or gain insight into how pit stops affect typing skills and keystrokes.
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We are convinced that a personal coach will help you to get enough variation between concentrated computer work and mental and physical movement. Do you also want insight and feedback about your computer behavior advice to master an optimal and optimal work-exercise rhythm? Then take advantage of our 30-day free trial license by clicking the button below.

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