WORK & MOVE Desk Connector

The link between the table and the software.

WORK & MOVE Desk Connector
The WORK & MOVE Desk Connector USB connects your Linak driven electric Sit-Stand desk  (like the BakkerElkhuizen WORK & MOVE desk) to your computer and enables the WORK & MOVE Software coach to control your Sit-Stand desk. With this WORK & MOVE Desk Connector USB cable it is also possible to troubleshoot and program the devices that are connected to your computer. With the help of our WORK & MOVE Software coach you can easily change the height of your desk, with a click on your keyboard. Start working with an electric sit-stand desk and the WORK & MOVE software and increase your movements by alternating more between sitting and standing during the day, be more productive, burn more calories, and have more energy left at the end of the day.

Easy connection.

Easy connection. The WORK & MOVE Desk Connector cable is on the one side an USB-A cable and on the other side a RJ-45 connector. To control the BakkerElkhuizen WORK & MOVE desk with your computer, you need this cable to connect the desk with your computer.

Included in delivery. If you buy the BakkerElkhuizen WORK & MOVE desk, then the WORK & MOVE Desk Connector and a three-year license of the WORK & MOVE Software coach is included.
Stay active for a better well-being.
The frequent use of your sit-and-stand desk furniture encourages you to alternate between sitting and standing during your daily work routine. This helps you to frequently change your posture and stimulates your blood flow, which in turn increases the oxygen levels in your body. The results in decreased muscle soreness and fatigue. When you are standing at your desk your spinal column is extended and this is good for the posture and reduces strain on the spine and back muscles. Your work motivation will be boosted, which leads to a greater focus and productivity..
Control your height adjustable desk with one click.
With the WORK & MOVE Software on your computer you can control your sit-and-stand desk easily with your keyboard. The advantage is that you can set your personal ideal sit and stand profile in the WORK & MOVE software coach. This enables the user to set the desk at the desired height in a few seconds. Experience shows, that this significantly increases the frequency of using your sit-and-stand desk.

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